Story of the bat’telh
Taken from the mouth of Kahless – 
Slightly altered to put it in the third person perspective.

QeylIs went into the mountains, all the way to the volcano at Kri’stak. There he cut off a lock of his hair, and thrust it into the river of molten rock that poured from the summit. The hair began to burn, then he plunged it into the lake of Lursor, and twisted it into the sword.

And after he used it to kill Molor, he named it, bat’telh, “The Sword of Honor”!!!

This tale of the sword was never recorded in the sacred texts. Rather it was passed down verbally among High Clerics. The retelling of the tale was to be a test oh Kahless’s return, as only he and the High Clerics would know the story.

The Story of the Promise

After he had united the Homeworld to form the Klingon Empire, QeylIS one day said it was time for him to depart. When the people begged him not to leave, QeylIS said he was going ahead to Sto-Vo-Kor, and promised to return one day. He pointed to a star in the heavens and told the people to look for him there “on that point of light.”

Klingon clerics later established a monastary on planeth Boreth, orbiting that star, to await his return.

When Kahless’ ship was dying, he had his hand bound to his chair, that no one could say he left it, or that another had been in the chair at the ship’s death. Then all his crew could escape without suspicion, because Kahless had taken on all the ship’s destiny.

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Hence the term, “Kahless’ Hand”.

QeylIS’s Return “Speech”

I have returned because there is a great need in my people. They fight amongst themselves in petty wars that corrupt the glory of the Klingon spirit. They have lost their way, but it is not too late. I have returned.

:::after being challenged in battle, Kahless stops in the middle of the fight, and speaks again:::

What is wrong? Is there only anger and bloodlust in your souls? Is that all that is left in the Klingon heart? We do not fight merely to spill blood, but to enrich the spirit! Look at us, 2 warriors, locked in battle, fighting for honor! How can you not sing, for all to hear? WE ARE KLINGONS!!


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