We’re famous! I just received the December 6th issue of The Flying Dutch, the Dutch Star Trek Fan Club Magazine and we’re in it! Below is the article and the Dutch to English translation (thanks Danny).

Star Trek Sites

Good positive reactions and constructive criticism was the answer to column and website. Thanks for these! Lately I’ve been hunting for nice websites, and I have received a number of them from you. Here they are:

Prepare to be assimilated! On A site built in the typical Borg terminal interface. Graphically very nice. On this site you will find everything about the Borg: Lots of information, Borg sounds and if you’d like to chat with other Borgs – It’s all possible on this “futile” website.

If you’d rather not be assimilated then and are good sites. On these sites you will find everything about the Starfleet interface LCARS. If you want to build your own LCARS panel (or buy a pre-made one) then you should definitely check these sites out. What colors to use and a course about how the LCARS interface works. Furthermore there are several tips about problems they have found. If you think this is nonsense, this site is great to look at. Starfleet ships will fly over your screen in LCARS style.

If you’d like something more heavy (can’t really translate this – rigid / sturdy perhaps? It implies something strong – Klingonesq) then this Klingon website is for you: Here you will learn everything there is to know about Klingons. About their weapons and their lifestyle, but also on their layout on the Internet. It also has the best recipes in the galaxy.

Deep Space Nine fans, and Defiant fans in particular, should take a look at . A site that looks very good. Here you can find a lot of information about the Defiant crew, information about the Defiant itself and very good wallpapers. This site also features downloadable Defiant sounds and movies. There is also a page about the people behind Star Trek and the Defiant and information about the special effects. It also contains information about the designing of the Defiant with original design sketches.

From the Defiant to an even smaller ship. I searched very hard to find a site about the Delta flyer. The Delta Flyer has been my favorite since it was first seen. On I eventually found what I was looking for. Lots of into on the flyer. You can also find schematics and movies about the flyer in action. Its a shame this site isn’t very user-friendly and it doesn’t look very nice either. But, for Delta Flyer fans this one is a must see.

I was also looking for a site with Voyager promo’s. A better site than can’t be found. The promo’s come directly from UPN, and so the latest episodes can be found here. The site is also viewable in Dutch. You can find the yearly promo’s and the interviews from and the various theme promo’s. If you’re looking for Voyager promo’s, this is the place to be.

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