The 5 top interior design trends for the new decade

The 5 top interior design trends for the new decade

Are you a slave to trends? Whether we notice them or not, interior design movements creep into our shops, eateries and eventually our homes as styles come and go with each passing year. 

Redecorating itself is a trend that’s certainly in. With fluctuating house prices and ongoing uncertainty around Brexit, research suggests more of us are choosing to redesign and upgrade our current homes rather than move on.  

So if your pad is due a refresh, it may be time to consider your financial options to bring it up to scratch. Here are the top interiors trends to look out for in the new decade. 


As public concern over the environment reaches an all-time high, so too will our awareness of the impact of our purchasing decisions. Shoppers will increasingly search for sustainable materials, appliances and designs in an effort to make their homes as eco-friendly as possible.

This trend extends to natural décor and accessories too, of course – so don’t be surprised if your living room is taken over by houseplants in the very near future.  

Layered patterns

Minimalism has been an overarching interiors trend for some time now, but is its time up? Expect to see bold patterns and textures working in combination everywhere from our sofas to bedding as we rediscover the joy of experimenting. 

For those less inclined to go big, pattern matching is a clever way of adding character while keeping your home coordinated.

Handmade goods

Mass-made items are also on their way out this decade. With the rise of creative online marketplaces such as Etsy and many now selling homeware directly through Instagram, it’s likely our attraction to more unique, handmade items will only continue. 

We all love storytellers, and it will be those that can attach personal meaning to their creations that go the furthest.

Statement ceilings

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Statement or accent walls have been a popular way of creating contrast for some time now – but what about statement ceilings? If you have a living room or bedroom ceiling that’s crying out to be repainted, try something different and choose a colour that contrasts the four walls it sits above. 

And if you’re feeling especially brave, patterned wallpaper can take this trend even further.  

Blue is the new grey   

The 2010s were dominated by 50 shades of grey in more ways than one – but blue could be about to change all that. Pantone’s colour experts named Classic Blue their colour of the year for 2020, and it’s a shade that offers calm and stability in a time of ongoing uncertainty.  

It’s also super easy to incorporate into your home, from statement furniture to cosy throws and elegant kitchens

Which interior design trends will you be following this decade?

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