The A to Z of Abhayarishtam – the miracle medicine

The A to Z of Abhayarishtam – the miracle medicine

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient and holistic healing science in the world. In India, the Ayurvedic practices date back to the last 3000 years. According to Ayurveda, the wellness of an individual entirely depends upon the sensitive balance of body, mind, and spirit. Its primary motive is to promote a healthy body rather than just combat diseases. However, Ayurveda offers treatments for specific health problems. 

Ayurveda is believed to have powers that can destroy the root of a disease. Abhayarishtam is considered as one of the most potent concoctions in Ayurveda. It is an herbal medicine that is composed of multiple ayurvedic components. This medicine can work miraculously to heal digestive ailments like bloating, gas, hemorrhoids, and constipation. A healthy digestive system will encourage an overall fit. 

Properties of Abhayarishtam

Here are some healing properties of this medicine.

  • Digestive Stimulant – This ayurvedic digestive syrup can ease the digestive tract and offer instant relief from constipation
  • Laxative – Abhyarishtam is loaded with laxative properties that enable the softening of stools and improving the bowel movement. This medicine is extremely useful in controlling constipation and regulation of bowel movement.
  • Mild Diuretic – What are diuretics? Diuretics are components that enable smooth stools by avoiding the problem of constipation. 

What are the Therapeutic Indications of Abhayarishtam?

Here are some significant therapeutic indications of this medicine:

  1. Constipation
  2. Piles
  3. Loss of Appetite
  4. Intestinal Gas
  5. Anal Fissure
  6. Flatulence
  7. Heaviness in Abdomen
  8. Abdominal Bloating

Recommended dosage of Abhayarishtam

Here is the recommended dosage of this medicine for both adults and children:

For Children

  • Not more than 10 ml in a day as per the age
  • The medicine should be taken with an equal amount of water, twice a day

For Adults

  • Total 30 ml in a day, divided into different doses
  • Not more than 60 ml per day, divided into different doses

What are the benefits of Abhayarishtam?

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Here are some benefits of this medicine:

    1. Heals Anal Fissures – Fissures are formed majorly due to constipation and hard stool. Regular consumption of Abhayarishtam can help in relieving the anal fissures by regulating bowel movement. This medicine, when taken with milk and ghee, can help in smoothing stools. 
    2. Treats Haemorrhoids – This medicine is known to remove the excess pressure created on the lower intestine due to regular constipation. This problem can give rise to swelling in the rectal veins. Abhayarishtam is very useful in curing illness by improving bowel movements. 
  • Treats issues of Bloating and Gas – This ayurvedic medicine for indigestion, works effectively in relieving stomach bloating, pain, and gas-related problems. Haritali is the primary ingredient of this medicine that cures issues like stomach cramps and gas. You can experience relief after a few doses of this medicine after meals.


  1. Treats Constipation – Bile is a fluid that is very important for a smooth digestive system. This medicine helps in increasing bile production in the liver, aiding regular bowel movement, and digestion. Daily consumption of Abhayarishtam can eradicate constipation within two weeks. 
  2. Prevents Urinary Disorders – Abhyarishtam can help in preventing some severe medical issues like urinary incontinence, urinary distension, painful urination, and renal stones. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of this medicine can prevent urinary tract infections by reducing the pain and inflammation experienced during urinating. 

Are there any Adverse Effects of Abhayarishtam?

Excess of anything can be harmful to the body. Here are some side-effects of Abhayarishtam:

  • The appropriate dosage of this ayurvedic medicine for digestion for adults and children is clearly stated on the label. Any instances of overconsumption or without consultation consumption with the doctor can give rise to some severe allergic reactions like stomach pain, diarrhea, bloating, dizziness, headache, and drowsiness.
  • This medicine is not for pregnant women. The presence of herbs like indravaruni or colocynth can give rise to contractions in the uterus, and can even lead to abortion.  Lactating mothers should also consult a doctor before taking this medicine as it can transfer to the baby through breast milk. 
  • Diabetic patients must consult the doctor before consuming Abhayarishtam, as overconsumption can lead to severe sugar level drop.

Abhyarishtam is no less than a miracle for the people suffering from issues like anal fissures, piles, constipation, bloating, and other digestive system related issues. This medicine is loaded with 100% natural ingredients making it very healthy for consumption. Moreover, you should consult your doctor before consuming this medicine.

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