Funniest Movies of All Time

Funniest Movies of All Time

When it comes to the world of movies, we have all sorts of genres, but the best of all those genres is comedy. The thing is with comedy it can easily be incorporated into every other genre to produce a masterpiece. And speaking of producing a masterpiece have you ever seen how amazingly funniest movies are

If not, we have a few of the funniest comedic movies of all time just like we have best casino online games of all time. And no matter how hard of a hard nut you may claim to be, we can guarantee that these movies will leave you crackling with laughter. 

Best Comedic Movies Ever Made

Dumb and Dumber, 1994

You can already tell by the title of the movie that it is bound to be hilarious, and then we have the star-studded cast that includes Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels and Lauren Molly, all of who are known for their comic roles in serval other movies. We recommend this movie if you are looking to have a good laugh. 

Airplane! 1980

Have you ever noticed that some of the best movies of all time were created in the 80’s and ’90s? Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the best online casino games including real money online blackjack. Anyways Airplane! Follows a former pilot who has a fear of flying who now has to land a plane with passengers who are suffering from food poisoning. 

Superbad, 2007

Another set of movies that never seems to disappoint are movies about teens. Superbad follows a duo of high school who want to have the time of their life before they venture off to their different colleges. But, such adventures never seem to end well, and this one is no different. It is hilarious though the lengths that the two will go through all in the name of fun.  

With an 88% rating from Rotten Tomatoes, a 7.6/10 rating from IMDb and 4/5 from Common Sense Media. We can assure you that this is a movie you have to watch. 

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