The Asian Wedding: Rich in Tradition and Culture

The Asian Wedding: Rich in Tradition and Culture

The rich culture and ancient traditions of various Asian countries play a significant role in their wedding ceremonies. What makes these weddings distinct is that as they are typically lavish and extravagant, the couple’s religious practices and customs are part and parcel of the whole ritual. Asia has an abundance of cultures, all with their own particular beliefs and traditions that influence their wedding celebrations. The more traditional Asian couples practice each ritual as is the norm in their specific country, while younger generations are more into the fusion of both Asian and western practices.

Here are some Asian wedding traditions that you may find quite interesting to know.

The wedding date

Setting a wedding date is one of the first things that an engaged couple would agree on in any part of the world. For a lot of Asian traditions, the wedding date is essential, a determining factor for the success of the union. It may be influenced by the stars or by religious leaders who decide on the best date for a couple to get married. This practice ensures a long and happy marriage.

The colour red

In China and India, red is the most favored color. It signifies prosperity and love. Indian brides wear red, which is symbolic of the rising of the sun, fertility, and wealth. Gold remains representative of good fortune.

Early morning weddings

Being the most significant day in the life of the bride and the groom, it is reasonable to want an extended celebration and make the moment last. In Thailand, couples opt to get married early in the morning and continue their celebration throughout the day. This gives them more time to party and have fun with family and friends.


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Asian weddings are always focused on the food they serve their guests. They pay as much attention to this as they do the other customary rituals practiced in the ceremony. In China, it is typical to serve eight courses of food. Each one of these courses is specially picked as they come with a blessing for the couple’s successful marriage.

Wedding gifts

Gifts for the bride and groom are always welcome as they help them get started with their new life together. Giving money is a common practice in Asian weddings. In India, gifts in kind are generally not brought to the ceremony. They are sent instead to the couple’s home. Money, however, is put into envelopes and presented to the bride and groom during the reception. Filipino weddings have something called the money dance, where bills are pinned on the clothes of both the bride and groom while dancing. This symbolizes the best of luck upon the couple and helps them financially in their journey as husband and wife.

Asian weddings are a significant event. This is why so much time and preparation are put into them, including identifying the perfect Asian wedding venues to celebrate their wedding. Whatever Asian traditions you may want to incorporate into your wedding, learning more about them can be of great help.

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