Wearing Weave hair: The Benefits

Wearing Weave hair: The Benefits

Everybody loves variety, and it does add spice to life. When it comes to hair, changing it as and when needed is no longer challenging. Retaining the originality of the hair and yet staying in fashion is possible by using hair weaves. Wearing weave hair gives you the potential to alter the style according to the requirement. Further, you will remain new and fresh constantly. Although wigs are becoming popular slowly, weavers are still the choice for many women because of the protective style.

The Process of Getting Weave hair

Wearing Weave hair requires bundles or the lacing system that helps construct the weave on the head. You will braid the hair up to create a seamless base upon which you will place the bundles carefully, attaching and stitching using a specialized method.

The lace that you will use will define whether you require a gel to set the frontal system. You can choose the lace closure or the full lace frontal.

Types of Weaves

When you shop for weavers, you will come across several variants. However, the popular one among them is the frontal weave. The others include the lace closure weave and the natural weave. You will further find options in these weaves, allowing you to pick the one according to the attire and occasion.

Time Consumption

The time you will spend in applying a weave depends on the style and the texture of the natural hair. Wearing Weave hair requires at least three hours on average to get the hair ready for an occasion.

How Long Can You Keep the Weave?

The hair texture, skin type, and the hair type define how you can continue wearing the weave. Additionally, the type of weave you have chosen also determines the length of the period. Remember that weaves have a shorter lifespan when compared with wigs.

What is the Maintenance Procedure?

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The life of the weave that you have can vary according to your maintenance. The washing cycle is a personal preference and depends on how many times you will be wearing it in a week. You must wash it weekly and condition the same if you plan to wear it every day. However, regular washing can loosen the braid base. Therefore, it is essential to choose a sulfate-free shampoo and a conditioner rich in shea butter. 

The Benefits You Get

Rather than adding volume and a few inches, today’s women love experimenting with hair, and the best way is to have hair weaves. If you never planned to wear a weave, it is time to consider the benefits explained below.

  • Low Maintenance: If you do not have much time to spend styling your hair, having a hair weave is the answer. The weaves are affordable and require low maintenance. Selecting the right weave type helps you style your hair according to the occasion. As the synthetic hair comes pre-styled, all you will do is wear it and go!
  • Protective Layer: The best part of wearing weaves is the protection it gives to the natural hair. As you will braid the weave close to the scalp, the weave takes the regular wear and tear, including heat styling. The natural hair will no longer suffer the brunt of the hot roller, blow dryers, flat irons, and more. Instead, the weave hair protects and stylizes your appearance.
  • Less Commitment: The lifespan of weaves is short. Therefore, you will have less commitment and more significant opportunities to style. If you like to switch things often and deck up in different styles, then a weave is the answer. You always have the chance to remove it or change the style according to the requirement. It also works effectively if you love to change your hair color. You can change the color each week without causing any damage to the natural hair.
  • Experiment: Are you looking to change the color? Would you like to know if you look great with straight hair without using relaxers or heat? How about you choose the short cut: choosing a weave. They give you the ability to experiment without causing any damage to your natural hair.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

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Wearing Weave hair is a better way to protect natural hair. However, the only side effect that a few may experience is traction hair loss. It occurs due to the constant pulling involved. Breaking and receding are common. However, consistent use causes the hair to come out of the follicle upon repeated actions. A better way to reduce the risk is by carefully practicing the procedure or seeking professional help.  

Preventing Hair Damage

If you plan on using hair weave regularly, it is essential to learn how to protect your natural hair. You must maintain and take good care of natural hair. Rinse thoroughly and avoid the buildup of hairspray and other particles. Protecting the edges and taking breaks from weaves is crucial for preventing hair damage.


Hair weaves are a perfect way to style for any occasion and the freedom to experiment when you plan to use them for the short term. Ensure to give breaks to avoid damage to the natural hair

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