The Best 5 Kratom Strains To Try In 2021

The Best 5 Kratom Strains To Try In 2021

Kratom – the herb that is gaining immense popularity throughout the world for its many health benefits. It looks like a conventional herb, the use of which is more than smoking to get a good high. Different ways of the consumption of kratom are used throughout the world. This tropical plant is native to Southeast Asia and had been used for years in that region in traditional medicine. Alongside this, kratom is also popular for its recreational use. 

As you start exploring this herb, you will find that it is available in different kinds such as kratom leaves, capsules, powders, and other supplements. Various food stores, vape shops, as well as online platforms are selling kratom like hotcakes today. Some of these guys sell their kratom in a single strain while others make it available in different strains. 

In the traditional medicine system, the use of kratom is done to treat problems such as muscle cramps, pain, diarrhea, and fatigue. Alongside this, there are many other health benefits of kratom. Listed below are the potential health benefits that you may experience with the regular consumption of kratom: 

  • Enhancement Of Libido: 

Many studies have related the use of this herb with sexual health benefits. According to these studies, kratom could be taken as a potential sexual enhancement supplement. Several studies have found that the use of kratom leads to aphrodisiac effects on the body. Hence, you may use this herb as a sexual enhancer. 

  • Relieving The Pain: 

This is one of the most common and effective health benefits of kratom. The three strains of kratom, green vein, white vein, and red vein, are considered to be effective for treating all kinds of chronic pain. Research suggests that 7-hydroxy mitragynine, a compound found in kratom is 13 times more effective than a shot of morphine. Such property of kratom surely adds to its popularity, especially among the people who want to treat their pain more organically. 

  • Mood Enhancer: 

Kratom includes some mood-enhancing effects and many reports throughout the world have confirmed the same. The effect of the consumption of kratom is similar to opioid. However, unlike the latter, kratom doesn’t lead to an addiction. The consumption of this herb may as well help you get rid of the withdrawal symptoms of ethanol and morphine. 

  • Antidepressant and Hunger Suppressant: 

Kratom may as well be used as an antidepressant and a hunger suppressant. A study has suggested that the use of kratom has lowered down the corticosterone levels in mice. Elevated levels of corticosterone are often related to depression. 

All the above-listed health-benefits of kratom make it a popular herb to be used for different purposes. The popularity of kratom has even surpassed CBD. Consequently, more than 100 million people throughout the world are consuming kratom for one purpose or the other. 

Best Kratom Strains To Try In 2021: 

Kratom is available in a variety of strains, each of which has a varied composition and advantages for your health. Here are the top 5 strains of kratom that you must try in 2021: 

Green Horn Kratom: 

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Various research has been carried out on the use as well as the effectiveness of this kratom strain and it has been established that this kratom could be consumed to invite happy feelings in the body. Studies claim this strain of kratom to be a dominant strain that shows up results and effectiveness within minutes of its ingestion. Thus, if you are in a bad mood and want to lift yourself by a bit, you may try Green Horn Kratom to invite a sudden change in your mood. 

You must not get carried away with the use of this kratom strain and always be careful about the optimal dose for proper effects on the body. It is always suggested to remain vigilant when it comes to choosing the dosage of this kratom strain. You must start with a very small dosage of the strain, especially if you are a beginner. 

1-3 grams of Green Horn Kratom could be taken in the first shot. If you are a veteran or have used kratom many times, you may increase your dosage. For such people, 3-5 grams of kratom would do the needful. Do not consume more than 5 grams of kratom in one go as you might struggle with the side-effects such as sedation, nausea, and dizziness.

This kratom strain is available in many forms – leaves, capsules, and extracted powder. Always buy the kratom strain from a reliable source. 

White Borneo Kratom: 

Another strain of kratom that you must try to up your mood is White Borneo Kratom. This is one of the safest strains of kratom to be used as it has been backed by extensive research and studies. The use of this kratom strain may put you into blissful happy feelings – something that you have been waiting to experience. 

You may as well consume this strain of kratom to get the best boost of motivation. Many reviews and users of this kratom strain have suggested that it puts them into a euphoric state, thereby giving them a good motivating feeling. 

The consumption of this kratom strain is good as long as you don’t get carried away or overboard with taking it in large quantities. For the beginners, 1-2 grams of this kratom would do the needful. You may start increasing the dosage of the strain with time. The happy and pleasant feeling that you get after the consumption of this strain is simply unmatchable. 

Ultra-Enhanced Indo Kratom: 

Experts call this kratom strain the strongest alkaloid concentration. This one is a dominant strain of kratom and when compared to others, it produces the strongest happy mood and feelings. The euphoria-like feelings that you experience after the consumption of this kratom strain last for long. However, this strain should be avoided by all the newbies as it may lead to upsetting effects on them. 

If you are in between a beginner and regular user of kratom, start by consuming this kratom strain in very small quantities. Micro-dosing of this kratom strain is suggested to all the users as it is a highly potent version of the herb. The after-effects of this kratom strain may take some time to appear. This one is an expensive kratom strain. 

Start by taking 1-2 grams of this kratom in the first go. You would soon experience some joyful feelings that would stay for long. Always buy this kratom strain from a reliable platform. 

Maeng Da Kratom: 

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One of the most superior strains of kratom present in the world is Maeng Da Kratom. You would get a feeling of happiness and euphoria after the consumption of this strain. This one is considered the best kratom strain for all those people who are trying to combat anxiety and depression. It comprises a rich alkaloid content, thereby, standing out when compared to other strains of kratom. 

Many users use this strain to fetch benefits of mood regulation and to get the much-needed pleasant feeling after a long episode of anxiety. If you want to experience high levels of emotions such as good mood, excitement, and gratitude, this is the kratom strain that you must consume. All your mood glitches shall be treated upon the consumption of this kratom. 

When it comes to the dosage guide of this strain, it is suggested to take between ½ to 3 tablespoons of the strain. You would experience a lot of positive and happy emotions. You may as well start with a small dosage of this strain to check what amount of Maeng Da Kratom is suitable for your consumption. Again, you must choose to buy this kratom strain from a reliable source. 

Green Malay Kratom: 

Last but not least, Green Malay Kratom shall be on your list to fetch the maximum benefits of a happy mood and positivity. This strain is the perfect pick for all those who want to turn their bad mood into good. The alkaloid profile of this strain too is strong and compelling. Thanks to the presence of 7-hydroxy mitragynine in this kratom strain. 

Just like Maeng Da Kratom, this kratom strain is best-suited to all the people who often suffer from a depressive episode, upsetting mood, or unhappy state of mind. This kratom strain helps you boost your energy levels remarkably and may as well give you the much-needed encouragement. The results of the consumption of this kratom remain for a longer time. This kratom strain provides an incredible euphoric experience. 

The consumption of Green Malay Kratom should start with 1-2 gram for all beginners. You may revise the dosage if you feel that such a quantity of kratom was not enough to give you proper effectiveness. However, you must not overdo the consumption of this strain in one go. 

Kratom is a wonderful natural remedy that helps you alleviate pain, get rid of the symptoms of depression and anxiety, and lifts your mood to a great extent. Before you try these strains of kratom, it is recommended to speak to your doctor. Do not buy these kratom strains from an unreliable source as you may suffer from side-effects after the consumption of such strains. 

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