The Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO

The Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Keyword research enables a business owner’s website to reach more of its target audience. This is done through selection of the best keywords based on the business industry, monthly searches on the niche, and the target topics of the selected business. A site that is well-equipped with the appropriate keyword selection strategy has a clear-cut advantage when it comes to shaping the content of the site itself. Site owners can opt to do their own research in choosing keywords. For those who do not have the time, however, they can make use of great keyword research tools for SEO which can do their bidding for them. While some of these tools ask for a fee, the returns they provide in creating a seo optimized website can tenfold pay for the cost of using them.

Google Search Console

While this is not a conventional keyword research tool, it can be tailored to do so. The Google site’s search console has a certain feature called ‘Performance Reports’ which creates a list of the pages on your site which gains the greatest number of visits or clicks. This also includes the exact keywords that bring them to the page. Through the tool, a site owner can also look up his site’s ranking based on a specific keyword on Google via the ‘Opportunity Keywords’. The console also has Google Analytics which provides in-depth keyword data.


What gives Jaaxy an edge over other keyword research tools for SEO is that it provides lots of different keyword ideas. With every suggestion also comes its corresponding data including search volume, competition, and possible traffic. This enables a webmaster to quickly choose among the suggested keywords to find the best that suits the needs of the site based on the information provided by the tool. The tool also comes equipped with ‘Quoted Search Result’ which shows the total number of sites that are also making use of the keyword. The lower this parameter, the higher odds of the site reaching a higher ranking in SEO.


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The confusion of using different search engines has site owners scrambling to figure out the entire scope for them to gain the upper rankings. Fortunately, the keyword tool ‘Soovle’ is an all-in-one tool which shows suggested keyword ideas from not just one, but many search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, among others. Through this method of varied keyword sources, a webmaster can figure out relevant keywords that are not used by other sites and thus staying ahead of them. The tool is also capable of saving its own suggested keywords and allows the user to download them at a later time offline.


When it comes to complementary data on top of keyword suggestions, site owners cannot go wrong with SECockpit. All its keywords are backed with data such as organic competition, search trends, and traffic estimates. The tool also has monthly search volume, first-page competition, and commercial intent. It also displays competition metrics of the first top 10 pages in each keyword result. This allows the site owner to get a preview of the top results for every keyword they choose. With the vast number of capabilities that SECockpit possesses, it may prove to be too cumbersome for beginners. But for professionals who know the ins and outs of SEO, it is the tool-to-use due to the wide array of features that it provides.

If looking into a competitor’s SEO data is your strategy to get ahead of them, this tool is the one for you. The tool comes equipped with a feature that allows it to generate a list of keyword ideas based on the SEO methods used by the competitor site. This will enable you to develop your own keywording strategy if in case you do not have an idea yet on how to get started with SEO strategies on keywords. 

Keywords Everywhere

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Those looking to integrate keyword research into their own browser such as Chrome can look into the Keywords Everywhere tool. This paid tool can easily display keywords from at least ten search engine websites. From the site, the tool will also display suggested keywords based on your own search terms. As you browse a search engine, you immediately get real-time data which you can use for your keyword research. The tool also provides keywords that users enter when they are not specifically looking for a term related to your site but is only vaguely related. The less-apparent terms can be good suggestions especially if not a lot of sites are using them.

The research tools for SEO mentioned above are some of the best for use in keyword research. While some of them are paid, you are assured that they will deliver in terms of data provided and results when analyzed properly. Site builders looking for even more assistance in building and spreading their site’s reach via SEO to achieve their own can look into working with a company that specializes in helping clients to optimize their sites for good search engine rankings. 


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