The Best Mobile Apps For Sports Fans

The Best Mobile Apps For Sports Fans

Whether you prefer to follow the action at home, in the stadium, or in a sports bar, you probably have a mobile device with you at all times. This means that you have access to all of the latest news and information whenever you want it.

If you want to stay in touch with everything that is happening, here are a few of the top sports apps that you might like to download.

Yahoo Sports

This is a free app that is available for both Android and iOS devices. It offers a fast and simple way of finding out what is going on, no matter where you happen to be and what sports you like to follow.

Yahoo Sports is a solid choice for getting hold of general sports information in next to no time. You will find the latest news, scores, and statistics very easily on here. The simple layout makes it very easy to use right from the very first time too.

One of the main benefits of this sports app is that you can also watch live games being streamed on it. This includes prime-time football games, if you are into NFL online betting and soccer matches from the UEFA Champions League group matches. You can also see what TV station you need to tune into for any game you are interested in.

CBS Sports

This is another free app that is useful for quickly obtaining a wide range of sporting information. From the latest scores and breaking news to statistics and analytics, you can stay informed whether you are in the stadium or at work.

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There are certain sports that you watch live on the app. These include SEC college football games, which is great news if you want to track the college football bets, WNBA basketball games and PGA Tour golf events are also frequently available on live streams.

If you are interested in other sports, then you can use live tracking rather than watching the game. This applies to the likes of baseball and ice hockey. With so many features, it can be slightly tricky to navigate, but once you are up and running you will be fine with it.


Another of the biggest names in the sports world, ESPN has a neat app that lets you easily customize your preferences. This means that you get sent information on the sports, teams, and players that really interest you most of all.

The app itself is free to download for any device using the Android or iOS systems. However, there is also an option to pay for a monthly subscription service. In this way, you can stream live games from thousands of different events.

The cost of an annual subscription is $49.99, with the option of paying $4.99 monthly instead. With access available to so many big sporting events around the world, fervent sports fans might see it being a decent investment.


If all you want is a constant supply of the latest score information then this free app for Android and Apple devices could be perfect for you. It is a long-running service that gives you real-time updates on a range of different sports.

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At the time of writing, the sports covered include football, soccer, basketball, tennis, and ice hockey. A simple but attractive layout gives you all of the basic information that you need to understand what is happening at any given time.

Make it easier to enjoy your favourite sports by carrying around all of the best information in your pocket with any of these great apps. You will soon be wondering what you did without them in the past.

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