The Best Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

The Best Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Celebrating your anniversary is a chance for each of you to measure how far you have grown in the past year. Your wedding anniversary is extra special because you made a public commitment to each other to grow together, starting with a passionate connection and a leap of faith. As the years’ pass, your individual evaluations of life have seen you meet in some places and diverge in others, leading to a loving relationship based on tolerance, compromise, and compassion, which deserves a celebration.  

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Take a staycation or vacation

If you are celebrating a milestone anniversary, a romantic getaway is a well-deserved gift to yourselves. If this isn’t possible because of work, family or other commitments, consider instead a staycation, which can also be fun. Staying in the best local hotel will take you away from your everyday routine so that you can focus on each other to celebrate your anniversary. This is your chance to share what you have learned in the past year and what you hope for in the year to come. 

A unique anniversary gift

A bunch of flowers from the local garage that may not last 24 hours or a plush toy selected along with the weekly shop is almost worse than no gift at all since it shows minimal effort. A unique gift can be something that you have made, perhaps the best photo of you together this year that you can place in a frame to place on a shelf or wall at home. 

You can also gift jewelry or a matching watch set. If you are stuck for ideas, you can get inspiration from the list of traditional and modern anniversary gifts by year which provides the materials that gifts can be made from each year, starting from the paper in year one to oak to celebrate 80 years together. 

Laugh together

Whether you dine out for your anniversary at a top-class restaurant, your favorite local café or have a picnic in the park, spend some time together when you can chat without interruption. Be your authentic weird self and encourage your other half to be the same. Dance spontaneously, make up a song that will make him laugh or explain the logic behind your latest fixation or hobby. A night out at a comedy club is another good way to celebrate your anniversary. Researchers have said that couples that laugh together feel better connected and more content in their relationship. 


Recreate one of your best first dates for your anniversary.  If the restaurant, pub or club is no longer trading, find something similar that will take you back to the excitement of your early days together, and it can be fun to reignite an old hobby too if your first date was at a bowling club and you haven’t been back there for years. You could also return to your wedding venue, where it all began. It’s a chance for you to make private vows to each other for the years to come. 

Try something new

If you have been caught on the hamster wheel of life, working to pay bills and keep things steady, consider shaking things up a bit by trying something new. You could take a cookery class together in the cuisine you have both come to love. Perhaps you have a plan for a long holiday in which a diving certificate would open up more opportunities or a class in painting, pottery or silversmithing will fire up creative juices that will bring you together and perhaps become a new hobby. 

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