The Best Wooden Toys for Your Growing Child

The Best Wooden Toys for Your Growing Child

As kids grow, their desire to explore intensifies, and they do so with the help of things surrounding them. To make your child’s imagination grow, you need to invest in toys they will love and have fun playing. Kids’ attention span is short, and thus, they get bored fast. It would be best if you got them several toys for your child. to keep them busy and entertained.

Below are some of the best wooden toys for your child.

1)            Pikler Triangle

Kids from the age of 6 months to 5 years can enjoy playing with a pikler triangle. Having these great pikler triangles in your home allows your baby to explore on their own. You can supervise them as they climb, but do not be overprotective.

Once you get the pickler, you do not have to adjust it as the kid will reach milestones at their pace. Even with a small space, you get the pikler triangle since it is foldable. The toy is durable and can serve your child for many years to come.

2)            Abacus

When it comes to teaching your child how to count, the abacus is the best toy. Invest in an abacus with bright colors to pique your kid’s interest. Toddlers can learn how to count and group using the toy.

For preschoolers, they can use it to multiply, divide, add, and subtract math problems. As they learn, they are having fun too.

3)            Wooden Kitchen

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What a way to introduce your young one to the kitchen! A kitchen toy is a lovely way to make kids love cooking without worries about burns. The wooden toy is eco-friendly, making it a suitable choice for your home. You can paint the toys once in a while due to the wear and tear.

The toy is a strong one, and it will serve your kid for long without getting damaged.

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4)            Wooden Xylophone And Drum

You can gift your child with a musical instrument on their birthday or any other occasion. If they love music, this xylophone will be a great toy to play with and it will help them develop musically too. We would be remiss if we didn’t also mention that such an instrument helps in sensory and motor development.

A drum is an amazing toys for your child as well. The good thing about this drum is that the noise from the drumsticks is not deafening. They have rubber heads that help in softening the sound.

5)            Puzzles

Puzzles come in different shapes, which make playtime exciting. You can choose from various themes such as animals, vehicles, houses, among others. The pieces are large enough to enable little hands to grasp and avoid incidents of swallowing them.

Your kid will have to gather the puzzle pieces and match them up. The final result will be a complete picture. It is fun and keeps kids occupied as they try to achieve the final goal of matching all the pieces.

6)            Mobile Wooden Toys

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When it comes to toy cars, kids love them as they fantasize about being drivers. The wooden ones have an advantage since they are safer than those made from other materials are.

Go for toys with a finishing of natural products like flaxseed oil and beeswax. Even if kids gnaw on the toys due to teething, they cannot harm them.

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