The Cheerful Celebration: Jolly Birthday Emojis You Can Use

The Cheerful Celebration: Jolly Birthday Emojis You Can Use

It’s always good to be thankful for your life and for all you have accomplished. However, if you’re going to celebrate all the good fruits of your hard labor, first value your birth as it was the tree that bears the fruit. In this technological age, when everyone is on the internet, what better way to express your joy on your birthday online than with these celebratory emojis. 

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The Birthday Emoji 🎂

The best emoji to use on someone’s birthday is the birthday emoji. The birthday emoji is an adorable little icon that portrays a small brown cake with a little candle in the middle. The emoji is mostly used to express cheerful feelings towards the one who is celebrating their day of birth.

The birthday emoji can also be used on social media posts, personal messages, and sometimes on a greeting card greeting a family, loved one, or friend the happiest birthday. To further enhance your message, the birthday emoji can also be accompanied by other related emojis as it marks the special day to be filled with gifts and festivities.

The Balloon Emoji 🎈

A balloon is commonly present in any celebratory event, especially birthdays when someone would wish a particular loved one, family, or friend the happiest birthday. So, one of the best emojis to use on occasion is the balloon emoji. The emoji is usually portrayed as a round floating balloon with the color red, and a short string is hanging off of it. 

However, various platforms portray the balloon in different ways. For instance, the Google platform portrays the balloon with a reddish-orange, while the WhatsApp software exhibits the balloon in the color pink.

The Shortcake Emoji 🍰

Another way to express a birthday in emoji form is an icon that looks like a birthday cake slice. The emoji is commonly portrayed as a slice of strawberry shortcake, whipped cream, and of course, a strawberry on top. This emoji is quite similar to the birthday cake emoji as it can also be used with various celebratory occasions, or you just ate a cake.

The Wrapped Gift Emoji 🎁

This icon is also common in any celebratory events, especially birthdays. The wrapped gift emoji is usually portrayed as a small yellow box that is held together with a red string and is generally used on occasions like birthdays and Christmas. There are different variations of the gift emoji across multiple platforms, but the general use of it is still the same.

The Partying Face Emoji 🥳

Whenever there’s a celebratory occasion, the most common expression to use is the partying face emoji. The icon is commonly portrayed as a happy yellow face wearing a party hat blowing the party horn while being surrounded by confetti. The emoji is generally used on various celebratory occasions, but most commonly on birthdays and New Years’ Eve.

Takeaway Birthday Emojis

Due to the technological advancement of gadgets, people are now more connected than ever. It has come to the point when the newest generation would talk to each other with emojis, rather than words. However, on celebratory occasions, the emojis list above is the best one to use to give your message or social media post a deeper meaning.

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