The Healthy Resolution for Your Grief of Loss

The Healthy Resolution for Your Grief of Loss

How do you grieve?

The fact is, there are many people who cope with their sorrows in unhealthy ways. Whether they try to ignore their feelings, tend to isolate themselves, or pretend to be in their way through the whole grieving process. When you’re in grief or when you’re in pain and confusion, it seems hard to find the healthy ways. Instead, you’ll try to find what is easier for you.

There’s no right and wrong while grieving. But here are some tips that can help you to get through it in the healthier ways.

Get through the grief together

It’s really important for the family to grieve together. You can talk and cry together. Let all of them share the sadness after the loss of the loved one to each other, so they can comfort each other. This will help you to know that you don’t go through it alone. There are people who feel the same pains with you. They’re there for you. You have to let them tell their stories over and over again to you, and so do you.

Don’t ignore your feeling

Avoid ignoring, escaping, or pretending your feeling, and start accepting it. You should acknowledge your emotion. It’s okay to be sad, angry, fear, or frustration. It is important to take time to sit your feelings together and don’t judge those feelings. Let your feelings to be heard. It will absolutely take some time but those feelings will quite down after they’re being acknowledged and being accepted.

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Give yourself a time to grieve

Don’t ever put a limit on your grief. Everyone has different process while grieving. You have your own and personal relationship with the one you lost, so it will certainly take as long as it takes to grieve. It is totally understandable and you should know that. A grief can also be expressed by preparing the best funeral service the way the deceased wants. In order to achieve that, you might need help from a service who professionally handle funeral in Sydney.

Engage yourself in healthy activities.

You can talk about your grief in a few ways. If it’s hard to talk, you can express it by painting, dancing, or writing what you feel (it’s usually used for the kids); or by crying. Some people say that crying is for the weak, but there’s nothing wrong with crying. There are so many words that can be showed through the tears. Therefore, it’s okay to cry.

Ask for counseling.

Counseling your grief can affect your personal’s daily life. This can give you an unbiased perspective on how you cope with your feelings in healthy ways. You can look for the counselors, if you experience intense depression, suicidal thoughts, or confusion on how to cope with the miserable emotion. It will be a good idea for the family as well.

Grief is a natural process after you lose someone you loved. Acknowledge and accept what you feel, take care of yourself, and seek supports whether from your family or a professional if it needed. Sometimes break up can also make you grief but following the tips you can overcome the sorrowness.

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