The Millenial Audiophile: A Short Guide To Wireless Earbuds In 2020

The Millenial Audiophile: A Short Guide To Wireless Earbuds In 2020

Society is moving into an age of scientific marvel where there is an unspoken notion that everything must go wireless. Everything that aids our daily lives must be more efficient, hastily progressive, and less time-consuming. To cater to the public’s needs, manufacturers and developers need to create devices that suit those preferences.

As a member of a fast-growing technologically bound community, cellphones are slowly becoming a necessity that people can’t live without. Communication and entertainment are made more accessible through smartphones, and audio plays a big role in those services’ quality. Wireless earphone technology is rapidly evolving, and its progress has given birth to these recommendations.

Wireless Apple Airpods

Apple’s iconic wireless earbuds have been a staple name in the wireless audio territory since it came out. While, there is not much to say in that regard as Apple’s sales skyrocketed when they were first introduced to the market. There isn’t much of a debate when an airpods vs airpods pro conversation comes up, but there are some key differences to remember whenever it does.

When you first see them, they both look the same except when you finally put them on and feel the difference in shape. The original AirPods follow the “universal fit” design language that Apple first released with their wired earphones. A one-size-fits-all structure isn’t wrong, but it won’t win any awards when it comes to ergonomics.

The AirPods feature a longer stem than the Airpods Pro. Still, whichever you choose as your daily driver, you won’t be disappointed with the performance of these earbuds as they are patented, reliable, and a premium device that you won’t be ashamed of placing in your delicate ear canals.

Jabra Elite Active 75T

The design of the Elite Active 75T speaks loudly about how conveniently comfortable Jabra’s style translates to daily use. It features an IP57 certification that allows the earbuds to be completely waterproof and dust/sweat resistant. Music will sound very vibrant and crispy, allowing even the pickiest audiophiles to appreciate the overall audio quality.

Users will be delighted to know about the feature to tweak the equalizer settings manually or choose between presets that the software provides. The Elite Active 75T also boasts up to 28 hours of battery life on everyday activities such as watching movies, listening to music, and browsing social media.

Samsung Galaxy Wireless Buds Plus

The Korean tech giant has made improvements to its signature Galaxy Buds with the Plus version, and it is quite possibly the best iteration of the wireless earbuds. The company retooled the design with a more finely tuned dual AKG driver system. The overall sound is described as a natural and crisp soundstage that focuses more on vocal prominence.

The Galaxy Buds Plus’s sound quality could be better, but it’s what you would expect on wireless earbuds where noise-canceling isn’t physically possible. The overall design is quite beautiful for the pretty penny you’re paying, but the body might be too bulky for some users, and the pill-shaped charging case might be too big for pocket transport.

The Galaxy Buds Plus’s companion app is also very user-friendly, allowing seamless transfer between user-profiles and presets. The touch controls are also straightforward and will be a breeze even to the most amateur of users. The compatibility of the earbuds will surprise you as they will work with most android phones and devices.


Wireless fidelity when it comes to earbuds has come a long way from the oversized receivers that early prototypes used to have, and as we move into a new age of technology, going smaller and faster will completely engulf the standard of society. While that isn’t quite the norm yet, you can rest assured that these choices won’t disappoint you for the years to come.

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