The signs that it’s time to replace your old car

The signs that it’s time to replace your old car

It’s estimated that we spend a whopping 293 hours per year behind the wheel of our cars, so it’s no wonder we develop emotional attachments to them.

All good things must come to an end, however, and holding on too long to your beloved motor could end up hitting you in the pocket. 

The time it right, though, and a new four-wheeled friend can enter your life before the previous one turns to foe. These are the key indicators to look out for when considering whether you should buy a new car.


It’s certainly the most obvious one. If your motor is struggling to get you from A to B without requiring some TLC, it’s probably time to trade it in. 

Get an estimate for how much you could get for your car, and if any necessary repair work is going to cost more than half the value of your car, start the search for a new one.

And don’t panic about the search for new wheels. Even if you have a chequered financial past, GoCar Credit help people with poor credit ratings get on the road and stay there.

Funny noises

Louder exhaust noises caused by cracks, uneven idling sounds like your engine misfires loose brake pads squealing and crunching gears can all be signs that your car is past its best. 

While keeping your eyes on the road, opening your ears to what your car is telling you can help you know when it’s time to move on.

Look out for the lights

Dash lights will often tell you when your car is in need of repairs, while more modern cars can go into even more detail on display screens.

If your dash is a multi-colored map of twinkling lights, it’s likely a sign that your car is starting to feel the strain.


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Smoke or steam coming out from the hood, or excessive exhaust fumes are clear indicators that your ride is struggling.

Overheating in your engine is often a common cause of this, while blue smoke is a sign of oil burning and should be treated immediately.

A bumpy ride

If you find speed bumps tougher to navigate than usual, or if your brakes are sending vibrations through your – legs – or failing to stop your car as quickly then you may be in need of a re-up.

Tire wear, suspension issues or damaged bodywork could all be to blame here, and fixing them all may be a costly option, leading you to look elsewhere.

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