PAGE 13 OF 17October 9, 2118 Jonathan Archer’s eighth birthday. He receives as a gift his first astronomy book, which has a picture of the Arachnid Nebula on its cover. He would get to explore this nebula in November 2151.

2119 The Warp 5 Complex is established to create technology that will allow humans to safely explore deep space. Zefram Cochrane is present during the groundbreaking ceremony. Cochrane, now 87 years of age and a resident of the Alpha Centauri system, soon takes off for “parts unknown.” He is believed to have died, but actually ends up on a planet in Gamma Canaris system.

2119 Charlie ‘Trip’ Tucker III is born in the Southern United States on Earth.

2120 The S.S. Enterprise, a warp 3.2 capable passenger liner of the Declaration Class sets out on its maiden voyage.

2121 As a boy, Jonathan Archer takes a deep interest in space travel. He makes a working model of a Starfleet ship with his father during this year, and successfully learns to fly it.

2122 Malcolm Reed is born in Britain on Earth.

2123 Hoshio Sato is born in Japan on Earth.

November 27, 2123 A privately-funded ship, the Mariposa, departs Earth carrying two groups of colonists bound for the Ficus sector and the two planets selected as their new homelands.

2125 Travis Mayweather, an African American, is conceived and born halfway between Dralax and Vega Colony. His childhood is spent in space, and he is raised on a series of cargo ships.

2125 Y-500 Class vessels (presumably inclusive of the DY-500) are decommissioned and are no longer in service.

2126 Liana is born on the Katare home world.

2128 At age 42, T’Pol undergoes a dental procedure.

2130 A Kantare ship, commanded by Captain Kulann, encounters a severe ion storm. Damage done during the storm results in a plasma leak, explosive decompression, and the ship ultimately crashes on a remote planet. Only the ship’s Chief Engineer, Ezral, and his daughter, Liana survive the crash.


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