3 Tips For Keeping Your Learning Audience From Getting Bored During Lockdown

3 Tips For Keeping Your Learning Audience From Getting Bored During Lockdown

If you are an eLearning trainer, you may already know how important it is to keep your learning audience entertained during the course.

Yes, it’s a fact. They can’t be interested and bored at the same time. (Wow, some irony just came up).

Well, the point is that your learners these days have a big reason to be bored. Not specifically from your training content. But being generally bored as many of them might be locked down inside the house.

So, what can we do about keeping them engaged?

Let us find out in the sections below.

1. Go With The Trend

It’s the quarantine season and it’s a fact that most of us have never experienced such a situation in our lives.

This surely makes it a trend. Don’t believe us? Well, have a look at the screenshot below.

go with thrid

Coronavirus as a keyword has significantly risen up in the Google trends index. And yes, it makes sense.

The point now is how you can make use of this fact to kindle interest among your learners.

Well, here’s one simple tip. You can share useful information regarding covid-19. Or you can share useful information regarding covid-19 coupled with subtle humor.

The idea is to generate interest and maintain it.

If your learners start feeling that you are having a good time training them, the chances are that they may start having a good time learning from you. So, work around it.

Apart from this, you can also talk to your learners about how they are coping up with the lockdown. Or how they are making good use of all the time that they now have.

2. Turn Your Course into a Fun + Learning Game

One of the smartest ways of ensuring that your learners have fun while learning from you is by gamifying your eLearning course.

There’s a big bunch of smart eLearning software like modern authoring tools and learning management systems offering various gamification features provided by some of the popular LMS vendors.

All you need to do is step out, explore your options and pick the tool that best suits your needs and budget.

This way, you will also be able to attract more and more learners to sign up for your course.

After all, who doesn’t like an environment where they can hone their skills without getting bored.

3. Give Engaging Challenges

There’s one thing about challenges, the person who really takes it up forgets about everything and indulges with his or her 100%.

Yes, this may not always be true. But even if it works for some of your learners, how is it bad progress?

So, here comes the question.

How to pull this off?

Well, all you have to do is assign them some challenging homework.

Remember that the idea is not to piss them off or disturb them, but to keep them engaged in something that helps them beat the quarantine stress.

So, just think of the homework that can keep them engaged and entertained.

This will help them learn more about your course and give them a good chance to apply all the knowledge and skills that they have acquired from your course.

Final words

The recent coronavirus outbreak has disturbed millions of lives across the globe, and the efforts to control it are still going on. However, eLearning courses are beyond the limits of physical presence (thankfully) and so as trainers; we can all help our learners make the most out of this spare time that they have now.

In this post, we shared three tips that can help trainers in keeping their audience from getting bored during the lockdown.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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