Tips on Improving a Senior’s Mobility

Tips on Improving a Senior’s Mobility

Retirement clears your schedule. Many seniors fall into the habit of sitting around all day, which can negatively impact their health. If you have a senior in your life who could use a little help improving their movement and overall mobility, here are some tips to help.

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Regular exercise and stretching

If seniors want to maintain their mobility as they enter into old age, they need to engage in regular exercise. This will help maintain their mobility as they work their bodies in various ways. Balance, cardio, strength, and flexibility work can all help seniors maintain mobility.

As seniors exercise, they’ll build up strength in different areas of their body. This will help them to not only continue to move around but to remain safe as they do so. This way, seniors can continue to do different leisure activities and enjoy their time.

When seniors exercise on a regular basis, they’re paving the road to consistent movement and freedom in their older years.

Physical therapy when necessary

Some seniors may have physical restrictions or be in a position where they can’t immediately move around. Based on the situation, some seniors may want to consider physical therapy to help them overcome their current mobility issues. This way, someone can work beside them and help them get to the point where they can move around again.

As a senior attends physical therapy, specialists will help them with different workouts and activities so they can redevelop their mobility. The level of success comes down to the senior’s willingness to follow their exercises and work towards that recovery. With consistent PT, many seniors can work past their previous issues and restore some or all of their movement.

Physical therapy is a great way to encourage seniors to work toward the point where they can move around on their own again.

Surgery in severe cases

Some seniors may have no choice other than surgery. Many seniors have joint issues, specifically with their knees or ankles, that prevent them from moving around. Have those seniors talk with a doctor to see what surgery they can get to help them recover.

After seniors go through surgery, they’ll need plenty of time to recover and will need someone to take care of them. This might be easier for seniors that live in a care home since they can receive 24/7 assistance. 

Surgery can act as a solution for seniors whose bodies are in poor condition and who want to overcome the aches and pains they feel.

Invest in a mobility chair

If they face severe issues or can’t afford surgery, some seniors may need to resort to a mobility chair so they can travel. Mobility chairs like this make it noticeably easier for seniors to move around. They can use the joystick provided to help them go to different locations.

As you look into different mobility chairs, make sure you consider the needs of the senior and where he or she may want to go. For example, it’s important to pick a chair that can fit under tables. The chair should make life easier for a senior with limited mobility and other movement issues.

Mobility chairs work well for seniors who face physical problems that they can’t overcome on their own. The chair allows them to maintain mobility despite their physical weaknesses.

Upgrade to an electric wheelchair

If a mobility chair or wheelchair doesn’t work for a senior, they could also get an electric wheelchair. Electric wheelchairs will provide smooth movement to make the process easier for seniors. 

Electric wheelchairs have different methods of control, such as joysticks or a handle. They also have footrests so seniors can leave their feet in a comfortable position. You can even look into chairs that include baskets on the front to make it easier to transport personal belongings.

If you think an electric wheelchair would be good for a senior you know, help that person research the different products available. 


When it comes to improving a senior’s mobility, it’s essential to adjust the solution according to that individual’s needs. No matter what sort of situation you’re dealing with, you can find different methods to help seniors improve their mobility and go where they want to go.

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