Top 5 Reasons you Should Consider Competition at your Next Event

Top 5 Reasons you Should Consider Competition at your Next Event

Beyond reasonable doubts, the planning stage of any exhibition is the tool for achieving outstanding success and results. If you do proper planning before your exhibition, success is guaranteed particularly when you maximized professional exhibition stands in Frankfurt. You have designed your exhibition stand, selected key individuals of staff to occupy your stand and you’ve briefed your team on your business objectives. Now, a course of action is needed for attracting visitors to your stand with sufficient time to engage in conversation.

However, a remarkable way of attracting traffic to your exhibition stand is to run a competition. People love to win instant prizes and goodies. The essential thing with competitions is to make them be just right for you and your business. Trust me, you don’t want attendees just dropping their business card right into a pot to win a prize and eventually do not acknowledge your brand. It is crucial to have something to interact with them for a longer period as you begin a conversation and get them interested in your business, making your prize a worthwhile investment.

If you’re considering hosting a competition at your next show, here are some stuff you should have in mind:

  1. Interaction

Do you know that the most successful competitions are ones in which the attendees have to do something to be able to win a prize? However, this method allows them to stay on your stand for a longer period with a view to striking up a conversation with them regarding your products or services. Instead of simply dropping their business playing cards in a bowl, think of methods where attendees will be encouraged to stay around your stand.

  1. Difficulty
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Note that if your competition is too tough or complicated, visitors will not be persuaded to participate irrespective of the prize attached. To keep away from this, make your competition easy, fun and less time-consuming. A right example of that is to run a competition where you need to answer a question or ask questions about something related to your brand or business. The idea is to interact with them, however, not for a long time that could disrupt your attendee’s schedule.

  1. Create Excitement

A unique competition gets exhibition attendees talking about your standand in turn, different exhibitors and attendees will want to come and have experience as well. Word of mouth is one of the oldest and most treasured advertising tools. Even if your attendees foremost motive for traveling to your stand is the competition, as soon as they’re there, you continue to have the opportunity to pitch your brand and your products to them.

  1. Make It Competitive

Most people have an aggressive streak in them – introducing an element of competition can assist to create a buzz and yield a greater result. For example, run an interactive competition in which the highest score or quickest time wins

  1. Length of Exhibition

If you’re exhibiting for more than one day, you can decide how to elongate the period it will take to win the competition just so engage your visitors more about your brand or business.

Quick tip – Truth is if you run your competition for the whole exhibition, you’re more likely to have higher interplay. If your competition is over on the first day, the footfall to your stand may also decrease for the remaining days.

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