Top 7 Sports Betting Blogs to Follow in 2020

Top 7 Sports Betting Blogs to Follow in 2020

Are you having problems placing your bets? How would you like to get information from trusted sports betting blogs and placing smart bets? 

When watching your favorite sports and visiting the casino, including online sites like online kaszino, you won’t have to worry about the status of your bets continually. 

Taking advantage of the wide range of sites and blogs online, we comprehensively researched and came up with trustworthy betting blogs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to the betting world or rule these streets; the betting blogs we’ll highlight will elevate your game to the next level. 

Let’s get into it some Sports Betting Blogs.

1.    Punter2Pro

If you are tactical and prefer strategies when placing your bets, Punter2Pro kicks it off for you. They specialize in offering winning techniques, smart analysis, expert opinions, and resources to help you make informed sports bets. Also, Punter2Pro magnifies its four core winning strategies, namely, matched betting, arbitrage betting, calculated value betting, and expertise doses of trading expertise.

The Sports Betting Blogs site has been running since 2016; hence experience is not an issue for them. Posts frequency is typically three within a week with the content on tipsters and navigations on finding accurate, frequent tips.

2.    Matched betting blog

As the name suggests, matched betting might not be your style, but once you get to instill confidence from tips and endorsements, this might be the only tip you’ll need while placing your bets. Potential and guarantee are vital factors to consider before placing a bet, and the full return of your first wager in the event is something we all want. Whether it’s football, basketball, races, and online betting in a casino online, a win is equally important.

Sounds unbelievable, but with great strategies and extensive research of odds, one can pull it off by edging closer to the big win. The Sports Betting Blogs site has been running since 2003, with a post frequency of almost four posts per day. Give yourself the best chance of winning and gaining more profits by easily learning.

3.    Sports Insights

The site bags the bragging rights to be widely known with the most advanced live odds platform to help you make smarter bets and keeps you in track and at per with your chances. The advanced technology revolves around enabling punters to understand and analyze different variables that affect the games’ outcome helping you make more informed bets. The winning mentality involves being smarter, knowing where you are pacing your odds. Sounds fantastic, right? The platform gets reviews from high profile players.

The site has been operational from 2010 and offers excellent chances to build your system, get proven and fully transparent picks, and trust the trends.

4.    Smart Sports Trader

Realistically, you would want your captain in the betting field to be someone who’s experienced, and Smart Sports Trader offers you the expert you are so much after. The author continually looks for profitable angles and working strategies in the sports betting markets. For those who doubt sites and are after legitimate options, the blog content and numerous YouTube videos will be reassuring as they are personally oriented.

The site frequency posts stand at one post per week. The author, Ryan, is on a quest to generate over one million pounds in total profits over his lifetime, and you may hop and enjoy the ride.

5.    Joseph Buchdahl 

“Old is gold,” they said, and when you talk of a bonafide expert with credentials, Joseph Buchdahl is where you stake your odds. He’s a published author on sports betting and the right guy to go for advice from. He has written pieces breaking down sports betting, and he’s featured in reputable sites. His writing style is one you’ll have no problems following because he offers the chance of turning blind bets to sure winners.

He’s been a betting analyst since 2001. The guy is a betting genius, and it doesn’t matter whether you have a couple of winnings below your belt or you’ve never placed a single bet, from his blog, you can efficiently run the ropes. You can also download a p-value calculator to see if your results are merely luck or more skills.

If Joseph Buchdahl has impressed you, the Pinnacle Sports blog would be worth checking out as a regular contributor. There, there is quality content from experts ranging from strategy and advice on matches and horse races. There is high-quality information to be tapped in here, and pieces are tailored and par with the season.

6.    The Church of Betting

The same way Christians attend church services for spiritual nourishment and in-depth talks with their Supreme Beings, do bettors visit their Church of Betting. They dwell there to satisfy their craving for educational information and smart tips about sports betting. The site is full of endless reviews of the most trusted and best betting tools and informative articles. Employing the recommendations in your betting schedules will help boost your chances, improve your betting psychology, and e-sports betting.

You will be shocked to see the topics on everything as far as sports betting is concerned by talented writers in sports betting. From the informative articles, you’ll learn how to activate your chosen technique.

7.    Trade Mate Sports

Whether you are a novice or an expert at the betting game, nothing beats live signals that enable you to get on the edge, and that is what’s served at Trade Mate Sports. They calculate true odds of sporting events and give live signals whenever the rookies make a mistake. Sounds like exploitation, right? But they’re okay with it while you heighten your betting skills and increase your chances. Get to enjoy important articles and free eBooks, but the real value is evident in their calculations; their software is designed to help you beat the system.


If you strive for success by betting on sports, the most effective way to win is detailed information. It is needed in the sport, the team, and the players. Regularly examining and visiting the bet blogs listed above will help you discover essential facts. They come in handy when placing your bets and finding excellent and trusted betting companies.

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