Top Tips You Need to Know for Moving to the UK

Top Tips You Need to Know for Moving to the UK

Moving to any new country is never easy. A lot of challenges, obstacles, dilemmas, and queries remain in front of us which we need to overcome before taking the final plunge. Sometimes it gets absolutely necessary to move to a country due to job opportunities, financial security, or for educational purposes. The UK is one of the most promising countries in the world which provides ample opportunities in terms of money, job openings, education, healthcare, luxuries, and various other facilities. It is one of the best countries to live in with its capital, London being the third best city in the whole world as far as standard of living is concerned. So, people all around the globe look for opportunities to move to the UK. Before you have made the arrangements for moving to the UK, there are certain tips discussed below, that will definitely guide you for a peaceful and relaxed stay in the country.

  1. Know about National Insurance (NI) Number: Different countries adopt different policies to track the income and the amount of taxes their citizens are paying to the government. In India it is the PAN, similarly, in the UK it is the NI number. It is mandatory for all working professionals in the UK to have their NI number. For immigrants who possess a residence permit that is biometrically operated, the NI number is clearly mentioned at the backside of the permit card. There are various private agencies in the UK who issue your NI number after taking your details, you can easily connect to one of them and get it done. Although your working with any organization in the UK will not be delayed due to the absence of the NI number if you already have a valid offer letter, you should not wait but apply for the NI number at the earliest to avoid problems later.
  2. Look for a budget-home: The prime requirement after moving to any new country is home. Homes in the UK can be quite expensive, and if you are planning to move to London, the main as well as the capital city, it can empty your wallet as far as renting a home is concerned. What you can do is avail a home which is not exactly located in the main city but in the outskirts, or go for shared apartments. There are various websites as well as estate agencies where you can enter your criteria of renting a home and get several options as per your requirement.
  3. Start your bank account: When you have moved to the UK, one of the first things that are mandatory for all working professionals is a bank account there. For opening one, you need to furnish your personal details and your address proof in the UK itself. The latter is difficult for immigrants and they face a lot of trouble in furnishing this. But we are here to help you. The best way to avoid this problem is by updating your account which you have in your home country by providing your present address in the UK. This can be only done if you have already fixed an apartment in the UK while staying in your home country so that you can furnish the details of your new address to your bank. Your bank back home will send an address statement of your new home to your present bank in UK later one, which will be the address proof for you in UK.
  4. Know about healthcare: The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK is quite famous and provides free medical aid to patients residing in the country. If you are an immigrant, you need to furnish proof of your address in UK and get registered to a local doctor to avail the free services. Although for an emergency, you can certainly avail private healthcare services, for which you need to pay the expense. There are also accident and emergency services available in the UK in abundance where you can approach and get treated during emergencies and accidents.
  5. Get a British connection: One of the first things that you require once you have headed to a new country is a phone and internet connection that is viable in that country. Once in the UK, you must go for the “sim only” option and avail a free-roaming service if you plan to travel on and off your home country from the UK.
  6. Get employed: This is probably the most common and the most important tip for moving to any new country. A job in hand makes you secured and financially stable to meet with the expenses of a developed country like the UK. The UK has a great job market for various skills and you can upload your resume on various international job portals so that employers can directly contact you. There are also several recruitment agencies located in the UK where you can walk in and directly hand-over your resume and they will contact you when required. You can also opt for part-time jobs if you are a student, to meet with your expenses as several part-time jobs such as those of bartenders, crew in hotels, retail stores, laundry boys, etc are available in the UK.
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The above-mentioned steps would surely help you to have a better stay in the UK and plan your visit in an organized manner. However, for more details regarding the policies, norms, and rules of the country, you should consult some popular UK Immigration Lawyers who have experience and expertise in sending immigrants to the country for years. You can go through online reviews or even seek help from friends and family members who have recently gone to the UK or any other country under the assistance of such lawyers. These lawyers will guide you regarding the pros and cons of staying in the country and will also make you aware of the laws applicable to the immigrants. No one wants to face unnecessary hassles after moving to a new country, so you should certainly fix an appointment with a well-known immigration lawyer before taking the final call.

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