Bantam Books
Spock Must Die!
Spock, Messiah!
The Price of the Phoenix
Planet of Judgment
The Starless World
Trek to Madworld
World Without End
The Fate of the Phoenix
Devil World
Perry’s Planet
The Galactic Whirlpool
Death’s Angel
Star Trek: The New Voyages
Star Trek: The New Voyages 2
Mudd’s Angels (Mudd’s Enterprise)

Pocket Books Hardbacks and Specials 
Best Destiny
Final Frontier
Prime Directive
Shadows on the Sun
Spock’s World
Strangers from the Sky
The Ashes of Eden
The Final Frontier
The Lost Years
The Undiscovered Country
The Voyage Home
Treaty’s Law (Day of Honor #4)
The Return
Starfleet Academy
Vulcan’s Forge
War Dragons (Captain’s Table #1)
Where Sea Meets Sky (Captain’s Table #6)
Mission to Horatius (First Star Trek Novel Reprint)
Dark Victory
Vulcan’s Heart
Badlands Book I
Preserver (Due Out in June ’00)

The Regular Series 
01 The Motion Picture
02 The Entropy Effect
03 The Klingon Gambit
04 The Covenant of the Crown
05 The Prometheus Design
06 The Abode of Life
07 The Wrath of Kahn
08 Black Fire
09 Triangle
10 Web of the Romulans
11 Yesterday’s Son
12 Mutiny on the Enterprise
13 The Wounded Sky
14 The Trellisane Confrontation
15 Corona
16 The Final Reflection
17 The Search for Spock
18 Rihannsu Book I (My Enemy, My Ally)
19 The Tears of the Singers
20 The Vulcan Academy Murders
21 Uhura’s Song
22 Shadow Lord
23 Ishmael
24 Killing Time
25 Dwellers in the Crucible
26 Pawns and Symbols
27 Mindshadow
28 Crisis on Centaurus
29 Dreadnaught!
30 Demons
31 Battlestations!
32 Chain of Attack
33 Deep Domain
34 Dreams of the Raven
35 Rihannsu Book II (The Romulan Way)
36 How Much for Just the Planet?
37 Bloodlust
38 The IDIC Epidemic
39 Time for Yesterday
40 Timetrap
41 The Three-Minute Universe
42 Memory Prime
43 The Final Nexus
44 Vulcan’s Glory
45 Double, Double
46 The Cry of the Onlies
47 The Kobayashi Maru
48 Rules of Engagement
49 The Pandora Principle
50 Doctor’s Orders
51 Enemy Unseen
52 Home is the Hunter
53 Ghost Walker
54 A Flag Full of Stars
55 Renegade
56 Legacy
57 The Rift
58 Faces of Fire
59 The Disinherited
60 Ice Trap
61 Sanctuary
62 Death Count
63 Shell Game
64 The Starship Trap
65 Windows on a Lost World
66 From the Depths
67 The Great Starship Race
68 Firestorm
69 The Patrian Transgression
70 Traitor Winds
71 Crossroad
72 The Better Man
73 Recovery
74 The Fearful Summons
75 First Frontier
76 The Captain’s Daughter
77 Twilight’s End
78 The Rings of Tautee
79 Invasion 1: First Strike
80 The Joy Machine
81 Mudd in Your Eye
82 Mind Meld
83 Heart of the Sun
84 Assignment Eternity
85 Republic (My Brother’s Keeper #1)
86 Constitution (My Brother’s Keeper #2)
87 Enterprise (My Brother’s Keeper #3)
88 Across the Universe
89 New Earth I (Wagon Train to the Stars)
90 New Earth II (Belle Terre)
91 New Earth III (Rough Trails)
92 New Earth IV (The Flaming Arrow)
93 New Earth V (Thin Air – Due out August ’00)
94 New Earth VI (Challenger – Due out August ’00)
95 Rihannsu Book III (Sword Hunt – Due out October ’00)
96 Rihannsu Book IV (Honor Blade – Due out October ’00)

The Original Series  The Next Generation  Deep Space Nine

Voyager  New Frontier  S.C.E.  Special Books

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