Starfleet Dishonorable Discharge of Captain Ronald Tracey

Library Computer InformationSubject: Tracey, Ronald
Rank: Captain
Assignment: U.S.S. Exeter
Stardate: 4733.9Details Of Violation: Captain Ronald Tracey has been dishonorably discharged from Starfleet active duty. Charges are eight separate violations of Starfleet General Orders (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 14, 18). The following are a listing of the mandate violations so charged;General Order One (1): Captain Tracey violated GO1 by making open contact with the planetary inhabitants of Omega IV. He further violated the order by introducing advanced technologies, specifically phasers, to Omega IV. By this outright violation of the non-interference directive, Captain Tracey has forever altered the normal evolution of said planet.

General Order Two (2): Captain Tracey violated GO2 by bringing willful harm, and even death, to bare upon the planetary inhabitants of Omega IV, a known intelligent life form.

General Order Three (3): Captain Tracey violated GO3 by his inaction to protect the lives of his crew and through his willful killing of Omega IV inhabitants.

General Order Four (4): Captain Tracey violated GO4 by disobeying a direct non-interference order given by his superiors and Starfleet Command.

General Order Six (6): Captain Tracey violated GO6 by his failure to self-destruct his vessel, the afore mentioned U.S.S. Exeter, after the last of his crew was declared dead. Thus exposing advanced technology to outside mean.

General Order Ten (10): Captain Tracey violated GO10 by failing to turn himself over to proper authorities, and by resisting military arrest by Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

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General Order Fourteen (14): Captain Tracey violated GO14 by acting in a manner and conduct unbecoming an officer of Starfleet.

General Order Eighteen (18): Captain Tracey violated GO18 by his mutinous actions against his crew, by this action he allowed them to die in favor of gaining power from the “life prolongation” serum he thought he would gain on Omega IV.

Conclusion(s): We, the officers of the Starfleet Judge Advocates Office (JAG), after taking into account these facts have reached the following;

As of this Stardate, 4733.9, Captain Ronald Tracey is to be sentenced to a term of care at the Federation Tantalus Penal Colony. It is also our judgment that because of his excellent military record and due to his mental state at the time of these violations, the entire incident will be classified and sealed until the year 2303.

Commodore Robert C. Holglenn
Starbase 133, Sector 001

Status: Classified, Inclusive.

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