Turn Shatter Into Oil: Extraction & Vaping

Turn Shatter Into Oil: Extraction & Vaping

Shatter, one potent cannabis concentrate is getting highly popular among users. Turning shatter into oil is a convenient and discreet way to consume it using a vape pen.

Let’s learn more about what shatter is:

Shatter, also known as shatter wax, shatter weed or marijuana shatter, is one of the favorite concentrates or cannabis products these days. It is beautiful for users due to its glass-like structure.

It is a form of butane hash oil (BHO) taken from the cannabis plant. It differs from marijuana wax from the initial extraction process. 

After undergoing a process, the extract including the cannabinoids and terpenes were taken out from the cannabis plant. When solidifying, it is shaken and stirred until it becomes cool. The resin results in a glass-like substance that breaks when dropped, so the term “shatter.”

What is Honey Oil?

Honey oil, also popular as hash oil, is the amber liquid that resembles the honey. Compared to raw marijuana that has about 20 percent THC content, honey oil contains more than 80 percent THC following the extraction process. It is used for making shatter and wax. 

How to Make Honey Oil? 

Honey oil is produced in a process called solvent extraction. A solvent (chloroform, carbon dioxide isopropyl alcohol) is used to take away the trichomes and other substances. The resulting product or resin are usually THC, CBN, CBD, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Check out the following extraction methods:

1. Ice water extraction

Without the use of solvent, ice water extraction is done to produce the honey oil. The honey oil produced is used to make shatter or wax. 

The process is very simple. You just have to add the marijuana plant to ice-cold water. The low temperature hastens the extraction of the resin from the plant. 

It is then agitated to cause the denser-than-water resin glands to fall from the cannabis plant. After extracting the resin from the plant, the honey oil is left. The method using ice water is natural without the use of chemicals. It gives a pure product. 

2. Butane extraction

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Commonly, people use butane as a solvent in extracting the oil. This method starts with mixing the marijuana plant with butane. After that, butane is removed leaving only the butane hash oil (BHO).

Are Honey Oil Safe?

Smoking marijuana seems not to damage the lungs. However, anything produced with the use of butane is still debatable. 

In producing honey oil, there were concerns regarding the cleanliness of butane. Another thing is the contaminants that can be present in the marijuana plant.

There could be fungi, pesticides or herbicides on the plant. During the extraction, all these are left with the product. 

How to Consume Shatter in Vape Pens

  • Choose a versatile shatter wax vape pen that can be used for any marijuana concentrate or dry herb. 
  • Load up the chamber with shatter using a dabbing tool. Do not touch it with your fingers. Also ensure not to touch the heating element.
  • Close the chamber. You can prime the wick for a more potent vaping experience. Once you prime the wick, the shatter melts.
  • Press the button down to heat the heating coil. Vape. 

Generally, there are desktop and portable vaporizers. Desktop vaporizers are more costly and don’t work really well with concentrates like shatter.

The portable one also known as vape pens are handy for users. It costs about $30 to $200 depending on the model, features and materials. 

Many users prefer it since they can use and bring it anywhere. It is also easy to charge it using a USB. 

The use of vape pens are considered a healthier option to consume shatter since it doesn’t undergo combustion. There aren’t carcinogens and tar present in smoking. 

Shatter costs around $35 to $45 per gram. The price is usually affected by the quality of buds used during the extraction. 

Prices of shatter can also differ whether it is extracted using CO2 or butane. Shatter extracted using CO2 is more expensive.

The use of shatter is considered safe when it is vaped or dabbed at lower temperatures because it doesn’t damage the lungs. It doesn’t smell strongly like the cannabis plant. 

The smell of shatter varies on the terpenes present in it. If there is a high terpene (Myrcene or Limonene) content like, it is expected to have a stronger scent.   


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