Types of Document Formats You Should Know Before Making Your Research Paper

Types of Document Formats You Should Know Before Making Your Research Paper

There are many types of document formats out there, so you need to know each of them before making your research paper. It will help you recognize the difference between them to distribute your files in the right format.

You will also acquire knowledge of the specific variation of the document files for a smoother workflow and minimize inaccurate use of formats that wouldn’t end up screwing your hard work. Here is the list of some document formats that you will usually see.


It is one of the most used formats out there today, PDF or Portable Document Format. It was made by Adobe in the 1990s to present files, including images and text formatting. Using a converter tool, you can also convert PDF to JPG in a very high-quality resolution for pictures without having a problem. 

PDF is perfect for printing multiple documents into paper since it sustains the file’s genuinely intended layout. Choosing between DOC and DOCX, PDF is much more reliable because it provides more diverse visual presentation modes of the document. Almost all browsers and other programs are already capable of opening PDF files right now.


Hypertext Markup Language, usually you will see this text on URLs. The HTML document file is more complicated than other data since it is a web page coded with hypertext. You will not be able to notice the makeup of the HTML unless you search for it directly. All web browsers retain word processing documents to HTML format.

What HTML does is it commands different types of color, graphics, and links on a webpage. There is also a way to convert HTML to PDF and vice versa. By doing that, you will easily open HTML files, and PDF files no matter what type of format you have.


The XLSX and XLS document files are Microsoft Excel products in which is the shape of the spreadsheet. Its primary usage is administering data, primarily visualizing and organizing of information or data. Like other programs such as Microsoft Word, the XLSX is the renovated version of Excel data formats, although XLS is more useable in the entire range of users.

There are many XLSX, and XLS file openers that you can find online for you to view your Excel made files. These XLSX and XLS file openers are all for free, so you don’t need to worry about spending anything.


If you often use Microsoft Word, DOCX and DOC file type are not new to you. DOC is the old format type of Microsoft Word, and after 2007, they updated it to DOCX for all saved files. X’s addition is not just for making the word fresh, but it means something, it stands for the Office Open XML standard.

Which one to use? It might be your question right now. To help you with that, DOC used by Microsoft Word as a document format, while the DOCX is the newer version of it. Both are open for everyone to use, though DOCX is more effective to use, and it has smaller, less damageable files.


There are still more document formats online. But the ones discussed above are the standard document file format if you are often working with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, image editing, and other text type files.

It is essential to know all of these document file formats to understand what is inside a document for you to work. Today, there are many document file formats, and if you do not know a specific document file format, you won’t be able to open it because that file is for a particular program.

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