The Karsid invasion helped unify Klinzai. Having a common enemy caused the Kamorh’dag and Gevish’rae groups to put aside (though not forget) their differences. Scientific knowledge began to be shared between the Kamorh’dag and the Gevish’rae and in 1960 they developed primitive space travel. At first, of course, they were only orbiting Klinzai, but 20 years after the first orbit, in 1980, a space-station was completed on the moon Praxis (Timeline). The Praxis station was a joint effort of the Kamorh’dag and the Gevish’rae, although to this day, they each take primary credit for the idea and most of the work that went into the space-station. It’s primary purpose was to mine Praxis for the minerals there and to transport them back to Klinzai for the use of the people. This greatly reduced the cost of power and contributed to the leisure time of the Klingons. No more was it a struggle to live from day to day. The only concern now for most people was water which was still horded and rationed by the government. Thirty years after the building of the first space-station in 2010 troops from Klinzai landed on Peneli, the next planet out from their sun. Peneli was discovered to be a lush planet with water to spare. Now Klinzai was supplied with a steady and seemingly inexhaustible supply of water. At first, water was mined and shipped from Peneli, without replacement, despite the revolts frequently staged by the Penelians. However within 50 years, they had developed the technology to recycle water and it became truly inexhaustible. After some brilliant negotiation by K’tak, the Klinzai Emperor’s negotiator, Peneli became convinced that Klinzai actually did want an almost equal partnership with that world and they joined the fledgling Klingon empire.Now that the people did not have to concern themselves with the day-to -day details of survival, they concentrated on space travel. By consent of the peoples of the Kamorh’dag and Gevish’rae regions, the first cooperative military academy, DuSaQ QI’, was developed in 2025. It’s purpose was to train young men to operate the new spacefaring vehicles that were being developed. Klingon philosophy had long recognized the probability of life on other planets and these young men were being trained to go out and conquer those worlds in the name of Klinzai. This cooperative school was one of the first steps in the unification of Klinzai. After 25 years, the boys that had been the first students of DuSaQ QI’ were of an age to be the strongest force in politics. They began to realize, from living with their former Klingon enemies for years on end, that their fathers were wrong and that the Gevish’rae were not the mortal enemies of the Kamorh’dag. In 2070, only 20 years after the first DuSaQ QI’ graduates took political power, Klinzai was unified and an emperor selected through the ancient rite of Jha Jook to lead this new Klingon Empire.During this 50 years of unification, Klingon spaceflight technology was improving steadily. In 2075 Klingons encountered the nearest inhabited world outside their own solar system and promptly conquered it in the name of Klinzai. This began the process of building the Klingon empire and by the time Katokat was selected emperor of the Klingon Empire in 2100, there were 10 worlds in the Empire. Within 10 years of the selection of Katokat, Klingons had developed warp technology that allowed them to travel at warp 2.

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