Unique Health Benefits of Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

Unique Health Benefits of Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

Many people avoid taking magic mushrooms because of their ability to alter perceptions and cause distortions of reality. Hallucinogenic plants, mainly Shrooms contain psilocybin, Which distorts reality when a person accepts them. But did you know that research shows that booms have healing properties? Multiple studies show that the chemical is useful in treating specific mental conditions such as anxiety, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and depression. Find out the benefits of microdosing magic mushrooms.

Are you trying to figure out how you can reap the benefits of psilocybin without experiencing a bad trip? If your answer is yes, this guideline is useful for you. A technique called Microdosing Magic Mushrooms might resolve your problem. Please keep reading for an in-depth understanding of the method and why it’s critical. 

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is the practice of ingesting a minimal amount of a substance, especially psilocybin. The technique aims at avoiding the hallucinogenic effects associated with shrooms when ingested on a full trip.

A standard Microdosing protocol entails ingesting the minute doses after every three days within 30 or 60 days. The exact small dose amount is about 0.1g of the powdery shrooms. Taking a small amount may enhance your mood and elevate your creativity levels. You can also reap other multiple health benefits from this strategy.

What is the difference between Microdosing and a full trip?

A psilocybin trip is a life-changing experience that makes one have euphoric feelings, seeing sounds, smelling shades, and changing reality’s perception. According to science, people undergo these experiences because psilocybin works in a brain’s hippocampus section, whose primary function is to regulate the ego and the self. Magic mushrooms help to untie your sense of self and lets you get more linked to yourself, the people around you, and the environment at large.

Microdosing Magic Mushrooms report no mind-changing experiences that can lead to spiritual awakening and change of reality.  However, some people Microdosing Magic Mushrooms experience minor changes of reality, like shades appearing much brighter. In short, The microdosing effects are more subtle than you can experience throughout the trip.

Is Microdosing prohibited?

In the US, psilocybin, which comes from mushrooms, is under Schedule 1 drugs. This means that the drug is put together with categories that can be potentially abused and cause harm. Ironically, magic mushrooms where the chemical comes from are not banned. Currently, many studies are ongoing to determine the efficacy of the drug in treating various conditions.

Furthermore, drug controlling bodies like the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) have relaxed regulations a bit concerning the use of psilocybin in controlled studies.

Why is Microdosing useful?

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In 2018, researchers published a study that indicated that the underground bit of magic mushrooms enhanced convergent and divergent thoughts. The two forms of thinking enhance imagination and the ability to solve problems.

Evidence from multiple studies shows that psilocybin might help treat mental conditions, especially depression, PTSD, and anxiety. Some people suffering from the abuse conditions have used micro-doses of psilocybin and registered remarkable improvement and healing.

Most people suffering from anxiety, depression, and PTSD have low levels of serotonin. Psilocybin works by activating the serotonin system and increasing its production. The chemical stimulates brain receptors to rewire it by enhancing the healing and growth of damaged brain cells. 

Confident, creative, and productive

Many people who are Microdosing psilocybin report that the drug helps them get more focused, feel energized, and become creative. For instance, Steve Jobs from Apple is one of the notable individuals who have micro-dosed psilocybin and experienced the drug’s creative benefits.

A study was mounted to test multiple ways through which psilocybin helps people through Microdosing. The key findings are as follows:

  • Mood and creativity: Participants in the research reported that Microdosing enhanced their mood, creativity, and empathy. In the research, 26.6% of participants reported that Microdosing psilocybin improved their mood and creativity.
  • Confidence and motivation: Some participants in the study observed that using small quantities of psilocybin improved their confidence, motivation, and productivity. They said that after Microdosing, they experienced excitement, relaxation, and reduction of anxiety feelings. Some participants indicated that Microdosing improved their world view, hope, and awakening in their spiritual lives. 
  • Focus levels: In the study, 14.8% of participants realized that taking psilocybin in small doses improved their concentration/focus levels. Participants under this category reported that Microdosing made them more mindful and attentive to what they were doing.  
  • Self-efficacy: researchers tested various variables under this category. For example, they examined the confidence, ambition, and sense of agency of Microdosing individuals. Study results indicate that 11.3% of the participants reported improvement of various aspects of self-efficacy as listed above.
  • Energy improvement: the central codes of reference under this classification included wakefulness, activation/stimulation, and alertness. The study report indicates that 10.5% of the participants had their energy boosted after Microdosing psilocybin.
  • Social Benefits: the aspects that were tested under this category included empathy, verbal fluency, openness, and the ability to connect. Around 7.6% of the participants noted that taking small amounts of psilocybin enhanced various social benefits listed above.
  • Cognitive benefits: within this category, researchers were concerned with cognitive enhancement and clarity of thought. Under cognitive enhancement, researchers tested the understanding and problem-solving abilities of people who micro-dosed. Researchers examined lucidity and clear-headedness under cognitive enhancement. Overall, 5.8% of the participants reported having experienced cognitive benefits as a result of Microdosing.
  • Reduced anxiety: 4.2 participants who micro-dosed psilocybin indicated that their anxiety reduced.
  • Physiological enhancement: Under this category, multiple aspects were examined, including improved senses, heart endurance, the quality of slumber, and reduction in headaches. 3.0% indicated that magic mushrooms improved their physiological processes.

Are you looking for booms? If yes, you can buy shrooms online to enjoy the above benefits of Microdosing. 

Key Takeaways :

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Unlike a full trip that causes noticeable hallucinogenic effects, Microdosing effects are subtle, and one can continue with their daily activities with minimal interruption. The key benefits of Microdosing include:

  • Treatment of anxiety and depression: research shows that psilocybin activates the brain cells that control the two conditions.  Additionally, the drug enhances the regeneration of neural cells damaged when one is suffering from depression.
  • Boosts confidence, creativity, and concentration levels: Individuals Microdosing psilocybins say that the drug helps enhance their imagination, concentration, and open to new ideas.
  • Connection: psilocybin clears your ego and enables you to be connected with yourself, the people around you, and your immediate environment.

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