10 Do’s and Don’ts For The Upcoming Summer 2020

10 Do’s and Don’ts For The Upcoming Summer 2020

The question of what will be fashionable this spring is completely logical. And the most logical question that arises from the first is the question of what should be avoided in the upcoming summer of 2020 so as not to create the impression of a person lagging behind trends. Online-stylist.co.uk has already collected ready-made fashionable images for you, and in the meantime, we will talk about the five main trends and anti trends of this spring. Be attentive!

5 Do’s of Spring 2020

So, what is worth paying attention to being trendy in the upcoming summer 2020? Here is a list of five items.

  • Eco-leather

Leather is a universal material, and eco-leather is not only universal but also trendy. In 2020, in the year of the vegan and the protector of ecology, wearing genuine leather is an unforgivable mistake. And of course, a blow to the environment. Therefore, the main advice is the following – you can wear any leather items, skirts, dresses or jackets, but their production should be environmentally friendly.

  • Pleated skirt

Ladies pleated skirts are the cool trend of this spring. Moreover, it is possible to compose at least a dozen images with this element. For example, look at Victoria Beckham. She wears pleated skirts with translucent and one-tone sweaters, classic shirts and oversized knit sweaters.

  • Red dress

Red is one of the top colors of this spring. A red dress is a real hit of the season. At the same time, the style of your dress can be the most diverse – from an evening maxi dress to a semi-free midi hoodie.

  • Classic blue jacket
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Classic blue is another of the main colors of this spring. Designers advise paying attention to a classic men’s blue jacket. In their opinion, it will go well with loose-fitting pants, jeans, and even a pleated beige skirt, which we have already talked about.

  • Total denim look

Classic denim is becoming fashionable again. And to emphasize its significance, designers recommend wearing denim and only denim. By the way, if you want to diversify this image, then choose any of the must-haves of this spring. Classic jeans will look good with an eco-leather jacket, a red top, and a blue jacket. Jeans, check skirt and blazer are also a great combination.

5 Don’ts of Spring 2020

Well, now let’s look at anti trends.

  • Skinny pants or leggings

Yes, this is what all fashionistas of the world will really miss. However, fashion is cruel – skinny pants are no longer the designers’ favorites. The only exception is eco-leather leggings, so don’t be in a hurry to get upset.

  • Classic pants with arrows

If you are not a fan of strict office style, then again you have no reason for frustration. Moreover, designers offer excellent alternatives – jackets of a man’s cut and loose trousers instead of narrowed trousers with arrows and fitted jackets. And by the way, the choice of flowers this spring is also very impressive.

  • Classic sneakers

Teen fashion is no longer in fashion. And perhaps there’s nothing more to add.

  • Hair Hoops & Hair Clips

And this again is not a problem – just replace the hoop or hairpin with a beautiful ribbon.

  • Leopard print
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At last! Let’s hope that the leopard print will never become fashionable again because this is something that is already unbearable to look at. Although no one knows, perhaps in a few years we will also be shuddered by the mention of the pattern of a zebra, snake or tiger.


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