Vidiian Sodality

The Vidiians are a humanoid species that were once referred to as being peaceful educators and explorers. The Sodality was struck by a plague known as the phage. The phage attacks and destroys the Vidiians internal organs causing them to die in great pain. The only way to prevent death would be to replace the infected organs before they deteriorated too much. The infection of the phage amongst the Vidiians transformed them from peaceful explorers into a military minded empire their driving force changed from gaining knowledge to harvesting compatible organs to keep them alive. People infected with the phage would often be outcast and feared by society and would normally end up isolated to prevent the spread of the disease. However this isolation was often unsuccessful and thousands would end up dying each day.

The Vidiians have had limited contact with the United Federation of Planets via the starship Voyager. On most of these occasions the Vidiians have attempted to harvest the organs of the Voyager crew. On one of these meetings the Voyager crew answered a distress call from a small Vidiian ship. The occupant was Dr. Danara Pel. Pels neural pathways were destabilizing, but luckily the Voyager EMH was able to transfer her consciousness into a holographic representation of herself. After having saved her life the voyager EMH and Dr. Pel grew close and eventually became involved in a romantic relationship until the doctor was able to transfer her back into her own body after which Dr. Pel left the ship to go back to her own world.

Whilst the Vidiians were infected with the Phage most ships would only be occupied by small amounts of crew, probably in an attempt to prevent the spread of the Phage. They would go in search of new organs to replace those which were deteriorating due to the Phage. One of these individuals would be a Honatta. Honattas would be responsible for finding their commander suitable replacement organs.

Vidiian medical technology is very advanced. The Phage forced the Vidiians to make vast improvements in medical technology. Their most well known achievement is a Bio scanner and weapon combined. These devices can scan a person’s body in depth to check if they would be compatible for organ transfer. If they are compatible the device can lock onto the organ of the users choice and fire a burst of energy which actually transports the targeted organ from the targets body without the need for a complex medical procedure.

According to a member of the think tank, Kurros, they cured the Vidiians of the Phage.

Written by Eddy Dew


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