Vitamin Supplements: Myths and Truth for Healthy Eating

Vitamin Supplements: Myths and Truth for Healthy Eating

If you are one of those who pop a dietary dosage daily, then, believe me, you are not alone. It has become a trend to take add-ons but do we realize that it may not be doing any good for our body and instead of causing more harm?

Bust the myths about dietary supplements

The body needs muscle recovery supplements to function correctly. It is required for the development and growth and for the cell to function normally. It means that they are essential, but since the body does not make them on its own (apart from D), you need to get it from food or external sources in the form of dietary pills, powders or syrups. In such cases, it becomes essential that you take a pill or an extra dosage to meet the requirements of your body.

Do vitamin supplements work? The industry is selling the pills with promises and misinformation, which give rise to many myths about vitamins.  There are plenty of trustworthy private label supplement manufacturers like Generation Nutra, but how do you know which products on store shelves are worth their salt?”  So before you take another dosage, do make sure that you understand these myths and truths about healthy eating and taking sustenance.

Vitamins vs supplements

What are some misconceptions about the use of supplements? One of the common myths about vitamins is that you cannot get it from food. However, the truth is that your primary source of nutrients should be the food that you eat. The food contains nutrients naturally, and it works similarly to synthetic materials. When you eat healthy and nutritious food, there are other beneficial substances like phytonutrients and fiber. The food also contains compounds like flavors, colors, textures that are natural, and there is evidence that it helps to keep one healthy and prevents diseases.

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The nutrients found in food work in sync with the other components. Some contain high doses that can be harmful to your health.

It is possible to take an overdose

The nutrition powders are broadly of two kinds. They are either water-soluble or fat-soluble. The B and the C are water-soluble, which means that the excess gets flushed out in your urine, and the body does not store it. The fat-soluble like A, D, E, and K get stored in the liver and the fatty tissues for a long-time period, and this could cause an overdose.

Overdose of A could cause headache, nausea, and dizziness and in extreme cases, coma and death. Too much of D can lead to vomiting, nausea, and constipation. Excess of E and A increases the chances of death. It is almost impossible to get an overdose if you take them through diet.

The main problem is that the additions that you take have a high dosage or contain an excess of the synthetic substances. There is a daily limit, so make sure that you do not exceed the upper limit.

You need additional nutrition at times

There are benefits of vitamin supplements. Like for those who live in places where there is no sunlight, it becomes necessary to take D pills. Vegetarians may need a daily dose of B12 since this is found only in food that is animal-based like eggs, meat, and dairy. For pregnant women, folic acid needs to be taken daily to reduce the risk of congenital disabilities. Vitamin supplements good or bad, is dependent on your body needs.

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Taking vitamin C does not treat cold

Vitamin C betters the immune system. However, the truth is that if you take the pills, then do not expect it to manage your cold. Once you have a cold, then it makes no difference whether you take the extra dosage. It is just a placebo effect and does not treat the condition.

If you do not have symptoms, then you are not deficient

It is not possible that you have a deficiency, and you do not realize it. The deficiency always comes with signs. Like you have a deficiency of B12, then you suffer from fatigue and tingling of your feet and hands. You may also experience memory loss and confusion. If you have a C deficiency, then it causes scurvy. If you do not have problems, then you do not need any supplement.

The supplements are not natural, and so not all of them are safe

The nutrients are from nature, but some manufacturers process the nutrients in the form of a pill, and this makes it unnatural. Natural may not always mean that it is safe and cannot cause any side effects. The same applies to the pills as well.

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