vulcan   The Vulcans

The Vulcans are one of the Federation’s most advanced races with a very individual and distinct culture. From the planet Vulcan in the Alpha quadrant, the Vulcans live a peaceful and logical existence and have been at the forefront of many peace negotiations with races throughout the galaxy. Vulcans are a leading member, along with Earth, in the United Federation of Planets.

One of the galaxy’s more historic civilisations, the Vulcans have evolved from a warlike race into a peaceful society whose very existence is built around the tenet of logical thinking. Vulcans are relentlessly logical, honest, and loyal and never lie nor exaggerate, unless they have a logical reason for doing so.

The Vulcans have a number of psychic skills which they have honed through years of mental discipline. They can sense powerful thoughts, protect suggestions and even share their minds. The Vulcans have a number of limited telepathic abilities most of which require physical contact with the subject. The most famous of these is undoubtedly the mind-meld, which joins the thoughts of two individuals, removing the mental barriers of the participants so that each can experience the other’s thoughts.

Together with a number of mental and telepathic traits, Vulcans also use a number of fighting techniques, most notably the nerve pinch which renders their opponents unconscious without harming them. By carefully applying pressure to the area of shoulder at the base of the neck, Vulcans can induce unconscious almost instantaneously.

It is a common misconception that the Vulcans have no emotions. In fact, just the opposite is true; Vulcans not only possess feelings, they have some of he strongest emotions encountered. What keeps these emotions in check is the extraordinary level of mental discipline that rules their everyday lives. Without these disciplines, the Vulcans would be like their savage, warlike cousins, the Romulans.


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