Watch Sales Skyrocket With an Updated Car Wash POS System

Watch Sales Skyrocket With an Updated Car Wash POS System

If you run a retail or service business, you likely have a point of sale system that helps you with credit card processing services. This valuable tool allows you to take a wider range of payments from your customers. However, most business owners don’t give these systems a second thought after the initial setup. You may be surprised to learn how much your car wash could benefit from an update.

Offering Your Customers Speedy Service

One of the keys to running a successful car wash is speed. Your customers want to be back on the road with a clean car as quickly as possible. Additionally, your ability to move vehicles through your wash quickly lets you earn more money. On busy days, your efficiency may be the biggest bottleneck to growing your revenues.

So, you should be dedicated to streamlining every aspect of your business. If your car wash POS system is slow, clunky and not user-friendly, you are going to be constantly held up by it. How absurd is it for your car wash to lose money because you are taking too long accepting payment? It happens all the time, however. Upgrade your system and streamline your operations.

More Ways To Pay

Not so long ago, POS systems existed to track sales and inventory and accept magnetic strip cards. That’s all they did. Today, your point of sale system could potentially accept payment types such as Apple Pay, chip cards, Android Pay and more. These options give your customers more ways to pay you. You don’t need to be a business genius to know that’s a good thing.

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Some systems even let you create rewards programs and offer gift cards. That means that you can give back to your most loyal customers. Loyalty programs are highly effective at getting customers to return. After all, if they have a free wash coming up at your business, why would they go elsewhere? When you can set up a loyalty system out-of-the-box with your POS system, that is a pretty good deal.

Modern Looks

Have you ever considered how your POS system reflects on your brand? If you have an outdated and slow system, it makes your business look outdated and slow. In the competitive car wash space, that isn’t a good thing. high-risk merchant account providers are likely to take their business down the street to a wash that can better accommodate their vehicles and needs.

It may sound frivolous, but the reality is that everything in your car wash reflects on your brand. Automotive services are notorious for being messy and old-fashioned. Show your customers that you are better than the rest with truly modern business and POS systems.

Get Started

Take a look at some of the great POS systems available today such as the Clover Station 2018. These highly-modern systems could be exactly what you need to push your business’ success to the next level. You may be surprised by how much of an impact something as system as your point of sale system can have on your business and brand. Check out some of the options today.

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