Ways you can celebrate World Magic Day 2019

Ways you can celebrate World Magic Day 2019

With Halloween hogging the spotlight, most of us forget October 31st is also World Magic Day. But whether you’re a professional magician or someone without a single trick up your sleeve, you shouldn’t let this annual celebration of magic as a performing art pass you by. Read on to discover the history of World Magic Day, and all the best ways to get involved this year.

Magic Day History

Founded by the Society of American Magicians, World Magic Day was officially established in 1938 to honour of the late Harry Houdini, world-famous magician and former Society president. With the permission of Houdini’s widow, it took over what had previously been known as ‘Houdini Day’ since his death on October 31st, 1926.

Originally, Magic Day was marked with free magic shows in schools, nursing homes and hospitals by Society members across America. However, during the past fifty years, it’s grown into a huge international celebration, that’s often recognised with a whole week, rather than just a single day, of charitable events. You can also check simple tricks with your lighter.

Celebrating Magic Day

Attending a magic show is a great way to enjoy World Magic Day 2019. But to promote their collection of magic-inspired slot games, Bgo Casino have come up with plenty of other ways you can get involved this year. From learning a trick to hosting a Houdini-themed movie night, check them all out in the below guide.


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