What Are the Odds Of Winning The Lottery Compared To Other Unlikely Events?

What Are the Odds Of Winning The Lottery Compared To Other Unlikely Events?

No matter what you play, the odds of winning the lottery are not good. There are countless other things in the world that are more likely to happen to you than winning the lottery. 

Dating Supermodels

Though most men salivate at the thought of dating a supermodel, not many of them do. But the chances of them getting a date with one is one in 88,000. What this means in layman’s terms is that your chances of dating a supermodel are 500 times better than your chances of becoming a lottery winner. 

Achieving Sainthood

No one is perfect; we all have flaws and we all do something we know we shouldn’t. Yet your chances of winning the lottery are far less than your chances of actually becoming a saint. Canonization is when the Pope declares you to be one. However, there is only 20 million to one chance that this will ever happen to you in your lifetime. Yet you are two times more likely to receive canonization than a lottery payout. 

Using Equipment Not Meant For You

Though most of us are right-handed there people in the world that favor their left hand instead. Those who are left-handed but use any equipment that was designed for right-handed people have better odds of dying from doing so than you do of winning the lottery. They are 110 times more likely to die as you are to call yourself a lottery winner. 

Earning An Academy Award

Countless actors and actresses have won an Academy Award. But it’s pretty safe to say you haven’t. Even if you began an acting career tomorrow, your chances of ever winning an Academy Award are 1 in 11,500. That may sound dismal to you. But you still have better odds of doing that than winning the lottery. Your odds of winning the lottery are 4,000 times less likely than your odds of winning one of these prestigious awards. 

The Existence Of Identical Quadruplets

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You may have met twins or even triplets during your life. But chances are you have never met quadruplets; much fewer quadruplets that are identical. There is a one in 15 million chance that identical quadruplets would ever be born. As bad as those odds are you are three times more likely to meet four siblings that look exactly alike than to become a lottery winner yourself. 

Acquiring A Four Leaf Clover

Four-leaf clovers are said to bring good luck. Yet not everyone even sees a four-leaf clover in their lifetime. To find one yourself would mean you have better luck than most. The odds of finding one are one in 10,000. This is something that is 4,500 times more likely to happen than you picking those winning lottery numbers. 


These are just a few of the ways in which it is easy to see that winning the lottery is something that will never happen to most of us.

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