What Is an Essay and What You Should Know Before Starting To Write It

What Is an Essay and What You Should Know Before Starting To Write It

Many students face problems with academic assignments at college or university. It is not coincidence, as this type of paper requires a lot of efforts and in-depth research.

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How to write an essay: Tips from experts 

  • Your interest in a topic is the first step to success. If you like a topic, then you will do good research, and the writing process will be pleasant. It is the main way to a well-written essay. However, if you have an assigned topic, do not be upset and try to find the advantages of it. For example, it will help to broaden your horizons and to become smarter. 
  • A good essay needs an outline. The vital step of the writing process is the right flow of thoughts. The professor wants to see a logical presentation of ideas, arguments, and examples, as well as to see the connections between them. The chaotic writing will not convey your idea and spoil your grade. Therefore, before writing the main body of your essay, make an outline for it.
  • Start with a thesis statement. This part of an essay briefly presents your point of view along with a topic. Look at your outline to come up with the main idea of ​​a paper and then start writing. It should be clear and concise. You can look through essay examples on our website to get a better understanding how to write it. 
  • Follow the structure of your essay. Each academic assignment has its own structure, which you should strictly follow to write a paper of good quality. It may differ depending on the type of essay and has its own peculiarities, but any academic paper consists of three parts:  
  • Introduction. You should catch a professor’s attention from the first lines of your essay. You can use different tricks for it, for example, start your paper with a quote or dialogue.
  • Main body. Start each paragraph with an introductory sentence. Then develop your idea supporting it with arguments and examples. 
  • Conclusion. Review your ideas and summarize them in the form of three or four sentences. The last paragraph can usually be a restatement of thesis statement.
  • Make the final stroke of the pen. The last but not the least step of the writing process is proofreading and editing. Find and correct the mistakes to get an A-grade. 

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