What Is Cathai Fish Sauce And How Is It Made?

What Is Cathai Fish Sauce And How Is It Made?

If you consider yourself a true food explorer and never heard of the Cathai Fish Sauce, then think again! Fish sauce is a specialty of Vietnam and is prepared from salt, water, and anchovies. The flavor of this sauce can be so intense that it is recommended to use it in moderation. In Vietnam, you can find a wide variety of fish sauces. However, Cathai fish sauce is one of the most preferred flavors you can see when hopping in the Vietnamese market. In this post, we will discuss Cathai fish sauce in detail.

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What Is Cat Hai Fish Sauce?

Cat Hai fish sauce is one of the top 10 most influential cuisines in the world, according to a CNN report. The sauce is highly applauded among the most renowned chefs in the world. Also, the Vietnam Guinness Book of Records selected it as one of the top condiments of Vietnam. The history of fish sauce is not so old, and it emerged in the 20th century for the first time. When strolling over the Vietnamese Island, you can get the unique smell of the fish sauce. You can see the producers all over the islands preparing this highly-acclaimed recipe.

cathai fish sauce

Where Does The Sauce Get Its Name From?

Cathai fish sauce gets its name from the Cathai Island wherein it is majorly produced. The Island district lies in the North West of Hai Phong city. The total area of the Cathai island is 345 Km Squares; whereas, 2/3 of the land is made up of the mountain terrain. There are two famous islands: Cathai and Catba. The shores of the Island are crowded with the producers of the Cathai fish sauce. As you proceed further, the fragrance of the sauce will become more intense.

Cathai Fish Sauce


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What Makes Cathai Fish Sauce Famous?

The original name of the Cathai fish sauce was Van Van fish sauce. As you visit Cathai Island, you will experience the strong salty smell of the sauce. The unique flavor of the sauce is one of the main offerings of the Island. In many parts of the northern region, people still call it the Van Van fish sauce.

Cathai Fish Sauce

Unique Flavor

Cathai fish sauce is an intensely flavored liquid that you can smell from a far distance. It has a salty flavor, and fresh fishes are used in making the sauce. Stale fishes are not used for making quality sauces as they can spoil the natural flavor. The taste of the sauce is savory.

High-Protein Content

The sauce is mainly gaining attention for its quality and unique flavor that it can add to your food. Moreover, it is also acclaimed for its high protein content of up to 40% in one liter of the bottle. The mixture of the sauce is put into the filter tanks only when they acquire a pale brown color. The rate of protein is checked before moving the mixture.

Rich in Nutrients

The Cathai fish sauce is highly rich in its nutritional value. It is rich in amino acids and various essential vitamins such as PP, A, D, B1, B2, and B12. Besides, it is also credited for offering inorganic salts and minerals for the human body’s overall well-being.

Other Benefits

The fish sauce is suitable for all ages, and you can utilize it in making several dishes such as meat, vegetables, fish, and sausage. It is an integral part of the Vietnamese daily meal.

How Is It Produced?

Now that you have a better idea about the exceptional Vietnamese taste let’s discuss the techniques used in making it. The sauce is prepared with different species of fish such as shellfish. It uses either the whole fish or a part of it, such as viscera or blood. The main composition of the sauce is fish and salt. The Cathai fish sauce uses shrimp, anchovy, mackerel, and other strong-flavored fishes. In some variants of the Vietnamese fish sauce, you can find herbs and spices. The below-given list describes the procedure to produce the Cathai fish sauce:

Fish Sauce Production
Production of fish sauce
  • In the first place, producers clean the fish before mixing it with the salt. The mixture is known as Chướp.
  • Next, they put it into large containers such as concrete tanks or wooden barrels.
  • After that, the top layer of the mixture is pressed with the bamboo.
  • It is essential that the mixture should soak the sunlight. To do so, the producers continuously stir it using the bamboo.
  • The Chướp is sun-dried and brewed in the self-ripening process for up to 24 months.
  • In the end, the mixture is hydrolyzed by reacting with the water, which makes it protein-rich fishy, salty liquid.

Note: The method of production decides the quality of the fish sauce. Moreover, no chemical use takes place during the process of manufacturing. If this post has tickled your taste buds, then there is more to find at us. Stay connected!

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