What is Digital Twin Technology and Can It Be Used in the Casino Industry?

What is Digital Twin Technology and Can It Be Used in the Casino Industry?

Industry 4.0 has many different applications, and some of them seem to come out of science fiction movies. Before a product or service is launched, it goes through many different tests according to Industry 4.0 rules, and these new applications change the way almost every industry works. The Digital Twin concept is a part of Industry 4.0 and a very innovative technology: it can be used in all products and services. This includes the casino industry – the Digital Twin concept aims to perfect the product before launch rather than “fix it” after launch. So, what exactly is the so-called Digital Twin, and how can it affect the casino industry? We answer both questions below.

What is the Digital Twin Concept?

In simple terms, this concept means creating a digital copy of a physical product. This digital copy is used virtually to perfect the product. Let us explain by giving a simple example:

Imagine you have produced a new brake disc to use on automobiles. Until now, this disc was sold to consumers after it was produced, and if there was a problem, it would have been tried to be identified through consumer feedback. Likewise, some changes could be made in the way of production based on this feedback. In other words, the perfection of the product would only be possible in its third or fourth version, and this process was based on trial and error from the start.

In the Digital Twin concept, none of these are needed. A virtual copy of the brake disc is created, and this copy is used in different production and usage scenarios. These are not simple simulations: using technologies such as artificial intelligence and IoT, the real world is imitated almost exactly. As a result of these scenarios, it becomes clear what needs to be changed in the way the product is manufactured, designed and what features it should have. Therefore, it is possible to produce it perfectly in the physical world: user feedback is not needed to shape the product.

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The Digital Twin concept is increasingly used and preferred in almost every industry. This sector, which was worth $3.8 billion in 2019, is expected to reach a size of $35.8 billion in 2025. This means a growth of more than 37% in 6 years, and there is hardly any industry that can reach this figure. In other words, Digital Twin will be one of the biggest industries in the coming years. This concept improves productivity, minimizes the damage caused by production errors and reduces production costs overall. We can compare it to a quality control process that operates almost autonomously: without human intervention, very detailed usage scenarios are carried out using artificial intelligence and IoT devices, and engineers can easily understand what to focus on.

Digital Twin Concept for the Casino Industry

We mentioned above that the Digital Twin concept could be used in any industry, and this includes the casino industry as well. This applies to both online and land-based casinos such as GGbet casino, as possible mistakes can be avoided, and ideal RTP/house edge rates can be achieved with this concept. Let’s give a simple example: casinos frequently offer new games or develop different variants of existing games to offer fresh content. However, sometimes these innovations do not go as planned. New games can cause casinos to lose money due to mathematical errors or defects in the manufacturing process.

We can give a good example of this using the roulette game. Have you heard the name Charles Deville Wells before? What about Tommy Glenn Carmichael? The first caused the Monte Carlo casino to go bankrupt, winning millions in the game of roulette. The second one has made millions over the years by hacking slot machines. By analyzing the physical defects in the roulette wheel, Wells was able to predict where the ball would land. Carmichael, on the other hand, was able to break the slot machines with a tool called “monkey paw” and trigger the jackpot prize. If the Digital Twin technology was used, these two flaws could have been detected before production began.

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Likewise, Digital Twin technology can determine how much the games will bring to the casino in the long run and whether they will be of interest through these usage scenarios. Analyzing players’ habits is something every casino is trying to do, but using artificial intelligence and IoT data for this could cause a real revolution. In other words, the Digital Twin technology can also be used to determine which new games we will see in casinos in the near future. This is an exciting concept that can shape every industry from start to finish, and it allows all consumers to get a perfect product right from the start.


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