What is the best vaping mod for beginners?

What is the best vaping mod for beginners?

Finding the best vaping kit you can afford is hard for long-time users. It is even harder for the beginners, as they don’t know their personal preferences for vaping devices yet. There are just too many options available on the market. It seems impossible to find an ideal vaping mod that will suit all your needs yet be inexpensive and not too complicated. So you just started your journey with vaping, and you need a little bit of help. Here are a few tips that should sort you out and make you ready to become a vaping pro. 

Choose your RTA  

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, or RTA, is a tank system for your e-cig. It seems to be a more convenient option to choose RTA rather than RDA, so the Rebuildable Drip Atomizer, a dripper system. RTA is a less popular system, but it requires less day to day work, as you don’t have to add liquid to your vaping mod all the time. But there are quite several RTAs on the market, so be sure to check out a review of the best RTA vapes or two before you decide on your purchase. 

What mAh means and why you should know it

It is crucial to understand what “mAh” means before buying a new vaping device. And it means nothing more than a milliamp Hour, and it measures power over time. The number of mAh your battery has will indicate how long the vaping mod will last. One Amp mod can get you around two and a half hours of usage. Be aware that a good battery is crucial to an enjoyable vaping experience. 

Why a mod and not a pen? 

Vape mods are a little bit bigger than your typical vaping pen or a tube mod. Their size enables vaping mods to have some extra settings. Mods contain chipsets that can monitor and read the atomizer and control temperature and power of your devices. This chipset makes your equipment safer, as temperature setting is crucial for your vaping device not to blow up. There have been some incidents where e-cigs would explode, and it seems like the battery, and sometimes the shape is the devil here. So sometimes it is better to choose a bigger device and sacrifice some of the comforts for a little bit more safety. 

Advice from more experienced vapers

More experienced vapers report that they switch to a vaping mod anyway as they look for more robust and customizable devices than your traditional vaping pen. Some pens offer customization to a degree, but none can produce enough power to satisfy vaping lovers. It seems that in the long run vape mods are the only way to go. Save yourself some time and money and choose one of the available vape mods for your very first device. 

Buy yourself a mini

If you don’t like for your devices to take much space, an excellent alternative to the traditional vaping mod is a mini. It can easily fit within a pocket of your jacket, so you can carry around your favourite devices wherever you go and always be ready for a vape break. Besides isn’t a mini always worth considering, as it is traditionally less expensive than a full-size vaping device?  

Do not use fully mechanical mods 

Beginner vape kits are usually simple to use. They perform without any problems and have a tank that is easy to use and clean. As a new vaping user, you want something simple, so a good tip is to stay away from mechanical mods. 

Vape with style 

You want a properly working device, but you also want to make sure it matches your style, and with the vaping mod, it is possible. As a beginner, you probably didn’t know how many things you can change within your vaping mod to make it as personal as a device can be. You can ask for a colorful skin for your vape mod or a wooden tip. Make your first vape mod memorable!

Vaping may seem complicated for beginners, but it is easier than you think. All you need to do is a little bit of research before you decide on your vaping devices and style and you are good to go. Most importantly, do not be afraid of trying things out. How can you know what is best for you as a vaper if you don’t try out different options? 

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