What to Expect From a Full Detailing Service

What to Expect From a Full Detailing Service

Over time vehicles accumulate dirt on both interior and exterior surfaces. Cleaning the surfaces requires different approaches ranging from a simple soap and water wash to use of special cleaning agents. Detailing, as the name suggests, involves thorough work on all surfaces to get rid of dirt and restore a vehicle’s original look. It’s the most effective way to ensure all dirt is removed from a vehicle.  Full detailing covers both the interior and exterior surfaces and here are some of the things to expect from full car detailing service.

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Interior detailing. 

Interior surfaces are the hardest to clean but offer the most satisfying results. A clean interior gives a refreshing driving experience and makes any ride enjoyable. However, getting a neat interior involves a long thorough process.

Clean, brush and vacuum

The first step to cleaning an interior is clearing out the dirt. With a trash bag and some latex gloves, you can pick up some of the dirt in your car. For the smaller debris you can use a vacuum cleaner or a brush. It’s important to check all crannies in the car including the glove compartment, door cubbies and cup holders. To reach small crevices like air conditioning vents you can use makeup brushes or paintbrushes. The floor mats and cargo liners should be cleaned separately with a stiff brunch and car wash soap. A steam cleaner can also come in handy. 

Removing unpleasant odours

Bad odours should clear after removing all the trash. However, if the smell is persistent you can use a deodorizer to refresh the scent in the cabin. 

Cleaning the upholstery

Car seats take a lot of abuse. They collect stains, fur, sweat and dirt. Cleaning car seats is hard but with the right expertise and tools, good results are attainable. The secret to cleaning tough stains on your upholstery is pretreatment. The process makes it easy for the steam cleaner to work its magic.

Cleaning glass

Non ammonia glass cleaner and two microfibre cloths are the best tools for cleaning glass. One cloth is for running the glass cleaner on the surface while the second cloth is used to buff out streaks.

Exterior detailing

The exterior of a car is a crucial part when it comes to aesthetics and valuation. Keeping a clean exterior surface requires a lot of work. 

The body

The body is probably the easiest and most fun surface to clean. All you need is a garden hose and a sponge. Professional detailers use pressure washers and specialized cleaning solutions. They have better results and work faster than a home wash but the latter is better than nothing. It’s important to keep the car out of the sun while cleaning to avoid water spotting. 

Tires and wheels

Tire and wheel brushes are the best tools for cleaning out the harsh dirt on the wheels. Harsh chemicals are avoided for this wash to avoid abrasive damage. For an extra glow you can use detailing clay or tire polishes. 


Polishing exposes new layers of your car paint and gives a new glow to the exterior. Orbital polishers have the best results. However, results still depend on the operator. Once u have an even sheen, you can proceed to waxing the surface.

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