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Tuesday, 2003.12.02A day late but it’s up: I have posted December’s Contest where you could win an Art Asylum NX-01 Enterprise signed by ENTERPRISE graphic artist John Eaves!

Saturday, 2003.11.15The clue for November’s Trivis Question has been posted!

Saturday, 2003.11.01How would you like to win a signed and personalized copy of the latest Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel Unity by S. D. Perry? Well, if you can answer November’s Trivis Question, you just might have a chance!

And congrats go out to Bonnie James of New Mexico who was the winner of October’s Contest!

Tuesday, 2003.09.30We have posted the trivia question for October’s Contest, in which you could win the oversized hardback book Star Trek: Action! by Terry J. Erdmann and the oversized paperback book The Art of Star Trek by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens. And congrats go out to Lee Chappell of England who was the winner of September’s Contest!

Friday, 2003.09.05Do you collect the Star Trek Micro Machine ships? If so, I have a few of the rarer ones up on eBay. Be sure to check them out.

Friday, 2003.09.05Be sure to check out our 24th Century Store where we have added our very own Isolinear Data Chips and Optical Data Rods!

Sunday, 2003.08.31I have posted September’s Contest where you could win a sealed and numbered limited edition ENTERPRISE Away Team Doctor Phlox figure produced by Art Asylum with autograph from John Billingsley. And to make it easy on you – there is no question this month (as to celebrate the start of our 7th year on the net, so Happy Birthday to us)!

Saturday, 2003.08.09I would like to thank YukonSector for awarding us their Platinum Award – THANKS! And be sure to give them a visit.

Wednesday, 2003.08.06I am trying something new. You may have noticed the banners at the top of several of the pages on the site… Well, to makeup for some of my out of pocket expenses in the running of this site, I am trying out limited banners… Nothing gaudy or detracting to the site, just simple, in style advertising.

Friday, 2003.08.01OUCH!!! Earlier this week I broke my ankle and have been trying to get around on crutches, but failing miserably… In the meantime, I have been watching my DS9 season three DVD set and the Dead Zone first season DVD set – great stuff! Anyway… I have posted the latest question for the Monthly Contest and congrats go to Basilio Valdez of Texas who won July’s Contest.

Monday, 2003.07.28I’m a fan of ENTERPRISE, and I believe the show is good and will get better, as will this group of people trying to get the message out that they to love ENTERPRISE: The Enterprise Project.

Please stop by and give a donation to help aid in the placement of an advertisement in the entertainment newspaper “Hollywood Reporter”, on the day of Enterprise’s Season 3 Premier to help spread the word!

Sunday, 2003.07.20Updated is the 24th Century Store with Optical Data Rods, and coming soon: Isolinear Data Chips!

Tuesday, 2003.07.04;-)Happy 227 America!!! I apologize for the delay in posting last month’s contest winner, but I will be doing so this weekend, so stay tuned!

Also, I saw Terminator 3 – which rocked! (And guys, don’t let your significant other talk you into seeing Legally Blonde 2 – please…)

Tuesday, 2003.07.01I have posted the Monthly Contest and I will post the winner to last month’s contest in a few days.

Sunday, 2003.06.29Last night, or rather very early this morning, I finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and wow, it was great! Each book just gets better and better! 2005 just won’t come soon enough!

Wednesday, 2003.06.18A few tidbits today – I saw a sneak preview of HULK last night – it was a bit long winded, but overall it was enjoyable. A good movie, but I wouldn’t rush out to see it opening weekend.

Also, I have placed on eBay (click here) a few Trek items if anyone is interested.

Sunday, 2003.06.15I have posted the clue for June’s Contest – good luck!

And I would like to thank The Trekkie Universe for their honoring my site with their award, which can be seen in our Awards Section.

Friday, 2003.06.13Happy Friday the 13th – I hope all fared well, better than I did anyway. I have posted off the Production of Trek Section my second interview with ENTERPRISE Illustrator John Eaves (at the bottom of the page).

Sunday, 2003.06.01I have posted June’s Contest and I will post the winner to last month’s contest in a few days.

Monday, 2003.05.12Star Trek: CommunicatorWell, your local webmaster (i.e. me) was able to submit a question to Rick Berman, and have it answered in this month’s Star Trek: Communicator. In it I asked: Why was it decided not to show the USS Titan, Captain Riker’s posting, at the end of Star Trek: Nemesis?

Mr. Berman replied: It just felt like it would be a tangential element, which was focused on the Enterprise. Be sure to pick up this month’s ST: Communicator for yourself today!

Thursday, 2003.05.01May’s Contest has been posted – good luck – and congrats to our April Contest Winner!

Friday, 2003.04.18The clue has now been posted in the Contest Section – good luck.

Monday, 2003.03.31I have posted the April Contest and if you want to win, be sure to stop by. And congrats to March’s Winner!

Additionally, the LCARSCom.Net will be down for maintance tonight for a few hours. I need a bigger hard drive – 10GB just isn’t enough.

Friday, 2003.03.21 – UPDATEDStar Trek / USA FlagWith the liberation of Iraq underway, it seems to me that there are quite a few overseas Star Trek websites that are condemning the war, which is their right to do, but I feel they are siding with ignorance. But maybe in time they will see that the liberation of Iraq is one of the best things to happen in the Middle East.

Without trying to start a political debate, which I believe to be the wrong thing to do on a Star Trek website and which is why I won’t be replying to any politically motivated e-mails, I would invite all to read the following article published by the UK’s Times Online entitled See men shredded, then say you don’t back war.

Monday, 2003.03.17The clue to win the Art Asylum ENTERPRISE Phase Pistol and Communicator toy set has been posted in the Contest Section.

Saturday, 2003.03.01Do you want to win an Art Asylum ENTERPRISE Phase Pistol and Communicator toy set? Then stop by the Contest Section and test your ENTERPRISE trivia skills – good luck!

Tuesday, 2003.02.18Sorry for the delay – the clue to the monthly contest has been posted.

UPDATE – Saturday, February 1, 2003Columbia CrewOur prayers go out to the family and friends and to the world on this day of tragedy.

Commander Rick D. Husband, Pilot William C. McCool, Payload Commander Michael P. Anderson, Mission Specialist David M. Brown, Mission Specialist Kalpana Chawla, Mission Specialist Laurel Clark, and Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon – heroes all.

Saturday, 2003.02.01I have posted the new contest question and a new prize!!! January’s winner will be posted soon.

Happy 2003!I know this update is a long time coming, but I apologize for the delay … and now for the rest of the update…

Although I will still be running and maintaining this site, I don’t really plan on updating it much until I come across some exuberant amount of free time. As it is, I barely have time for updating the StarfleetCom and the monthly contests. That means to be sure and check the Contest Section every month for your chance to win and to see who won the month before.

Additionally I may be a little slow in responding to your e-mails, but don’t worry – I’ll get to them.

And lastly, hopefully soon I’ll be back to updating this site as frequently as I was last year.

Thanks for stopping by,

Sean P. Stephenson
The LCARS Computer Network

P.S. If I do add something worth while, I will let you know.

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