Site Updates from 2004
Saturday, 2004.12.01The December Contest is now online, without a question as to celebrate this Holiday Season, so good luck! And congrats go out to Brian Smyth who knew the answer to November’s Contest!

Saturday, 2004.10.02Sorry for the delay – the October Contest is now online – good luck! I will post the winner of last months contest for the Trekkies 2 DVD in a day or two.

Tuesday, 2004.08.31Did you blink? I did… August was our 7 year anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. Wow…

Also the September Contest is now online, and thanks to Paramount Home Entertainment you could win the The Trekkies 2 DVD by Director Roger Nygard and several other Star Trek goodies. There is no question so everyone can enter!

Saturday, 2004.07.31Because of the bandwidth issues on our site, the July’s Contest is being stretched into August. But to make it worth the delay, I am adding a M.A.C.O. Team patch and a 10 inch embriodered ENTERPRISE patch to the prize package. I have also updated the clue for the contest to make it a bit easier.

Monday, 2004.07.26We are still experiencing bandwidth issues, to say the least, but we are now back up thanks to our sister ENTERPRISE site, the Starfleet Communication’s Network. All links should still work the same, but if not, let me know and I will see what I can do to fix them.

Sunday, 2004.07.25The clue to the July Contest has been posted – good luck!

Thursday, 2004.07.08Well, it seems we have been under an attack where our bandwidth has been overloading the server this site is on. I am hoping all is back to normal, but we’ll see… And now on to site business.

The July Contest is now online, and you could win the Polar Lights NX-01 Enterprise and an additional bonus, so be sure to enter.

And congrats go out to Seung-Ju Ahn of Canada who knew the answer to May/June’s Contest!

Saturday, 2004.06.05The May Contest is being continued for the month of June due to time constraints on my part. As an added bonus, I’ll be adding the two books Star Trek: New Frontier – No Limits edited by Peter David and Star Trek: The Amazing Stories.

Saturday, 2004.05.01The May Contest has been added, so good luck! And congrats go out to Daniel Morrell of Massachusetts who knew the answer to April’s Contest!

Thursday, 2004.04.15The clue to the April Contest has been posted – maybe that will help you.

Friday, 2004.04.02Okay, the contest prize of a trip to Star Trek Borg 4-D Invasion was an April Fool’s Day joke, but there really is an April Contest where the Borg are involved, so check it out!

Thursday, 2004.04.01You will be assimilated – you have no choice but to enter this month’s contest to have a chance at winning a trip to Star Trek Borg 4-D Invasion – resistance is futile.

Tuesday, 2004.03.30It has been a year in the making, but finally the latest LCARS Animation: Sensor Activity & Particle Analysis has been posted and is now available for download!

Tuesday, 2004.03.17For a few weeks now we have been a mirror site for Cow Creek Film’s Star Trek New Voyages, which is the continuation of Captain Kirk’s original 5 year mission. We now have a Dedicated Mirror Sectionwith links and all. Be sure to check them out!

Plus I have posted the clue for March’s Contest so check it out!

Saturday, 2004.03.07You need to go to E! Online’s Fourth Annual Save One Show Poll and vote for ENTERPRISE!!!

Monday, 2004.03.01Yet another new Contest – is that all I do here? *grin*

Sunday, 2004.02.01New Contest – check it out!

Saturday, 2004.01.03Happy Belated New Year! Be sure to check out January’s Contest, and congrats go out to Willa Sullivan of New Jersey who was the winner of December’s Contest!

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