CBD Salves are hard to distinguish from a balm or an ointment. All three terms are used interchangeably. Salve is a medicine-infused concoction applied directly to the skin. They contain therapeutically active components infused with naturally sourced cannabis extract. The difference in a salve is due to its texture. 

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CBS Salves

Salves are the simplest concoction with different ingredients. CBD – one of the active chemicals naturally present in cannabis leaves and seeds is used in CBD Salves. This CBD does not have psychoactive characteristics and benefits the brain. 

CBD Salve is an easy to use topical agent easily applied on the body for soreness, inflammation, and irritation of the skin. The most positive aspect of CBD is that it does not develop the “high” effect that is usually seen if cannabis is ingested or smoked. It is a potential alternative for people who want to avoid THC high effect. 

Mechanism of CBD Salves

Cannabinoids attach to cannabinoid receptors found in the human nervous system. These receptors are sensitive and absorb CBD quickly. The absorption results in the formation of a complex internal network called the endocannabinoid system

Preparation of CBD Salves

CBD Salves are super simple concoctions and different companies use different ingredients for the preparation of salves. Commonly these three ingredients are used in CBD Salves:

  • A fatty oil base 
  • A natural wax
  • A medicinally active compound

Mostly beeswax is used as natural wax. A fatty oil base is incorporated as a vehicle that helps in carrying the medicinal agent. Fatty acids can carry CBD, the more the fatty acid the more CBD it can behold. 

After the CBD Salve is applied topically, the lipids in it transport the phytochemicals across the skin membrane. 

Uses of CBD Salves

Salves are a good choice for relieving joint pain and various skin conditions. Numerous research studies have proved that CBD can help in treating epilepsy. A vast reduction in seizure episodes was reported in patients using CBD orally. Read this article to understand the uses of CBS Salves.

History of CBD Salves

Cannabis has been used topically for thousands of years. Topically it was initially used as an antiseptic, pain-relieving, and antibiotic. CBD salves were used firstly in Egypt, Africa, and Europe. 

The best way to use CBS Salves

It is best to first wash the area where CBD salve has to be applied. This is to ensure that excess dirt, oil build-up, and previously applied medication is removed. There should be no barriers between the salves and the skin. 

CBD Salves should be rubbed on the affected area and allowed for a couple of minutes to absorb. The skin should not immediately be covered with a bandage or clothing. It is better to watch the skin for bad reactions, redness, soreness, bumps, and rashes. 

Once applied, the salve can take 2 to 48 hours to provide relief. Factors that affect the absorption include the dosage and condition of the skin. The recommended dosage should be repeated 1 to 3 times daily or as recommended by a health expert. Usually, the initial dosage is 2 to 3 mg which can be increased gradually if needed. 

In the pharmaceutical market, CBD salves are making their way as a pain reliever. People prefer to use CBD topically rather than using it orally due to its psychoactive effects. CBD Salves are a useful alternative for pain-relieving oral CBD.

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