Why Are Neon Signs Making a Comeback?

Why Are Neon Signs Making a Comeback?


Though they went off the radar in the 1990s, the chic appeal of neon signs has made a stunning comeback. This century-old technology is suddenly the choice of many restaurants, retail storefronts, and also service businesses. From a simple neon open sign to more complex installations, the ability of neon signs to communicate information so elegantly makes it a top option for many company owners.

With more businesses offering the same service, it is important than ever to stand out from the crowd. Neon signs allow you to be unique in the way you convey a message to passing motorists and even how you promote your business.  

Vibrant, visible, and vivacious, the chance of a unique way to inform your patrons of your availability in the dead of the night is the greatest appeal of neon lights.

Why Neon Signs Became Less Popular

While neon captured the attention of the world in the 60s and 70s after being first displayed in the Paris Show of 1910, they fell into obsolescence in the 2000s. Suddenly, the ever-appealing glow of neon light was no more.

This was prompted by a cheaper alternative being manufactured, and one of these was the LED lighted signs. The LED bulb was easy to change, as all one required was to get a new ready-made bulb. In the case of neon light, this was almost impossible due to the way the traditional glass tube was made. 

LEDs were cheaper, consumed less energy, and provided more variations. Businesses wasted no time in changing from neon signs to LEDs. Naturally, the demand for neon signs declined, and even major commercial hubs replaced them. 

The Comeback

Just as neon signs suffered a decline, LED is also in the same state currently. Neon signs still stand out even in a place that’s crowded with well-made LED signs.

Their handmade aspect and craft bring a special aesthetic appeal that helps companies to stand out. Neon sign’s bright electrifying light is an instant magnet in the middle of a bustling nightlife that has become commonplace on the major cities’ streets.

Neon signs have a look and feel that’s authentic and very different from what LEDs offer. In terms of safety, they are up there with LED products but are far easier to install as they only use only quality transformers. 

Restaurants with neon signs are becoming more and more. Today’s crop of neon restaurant signs don’t just stop at offering the common boring text of “Closed”, “Open” or “Bar”. Instead, these words come in inspirational or witty nature, and in most cases, are available in the handwritten typeface.

You can find these amazingly designed signs in casual restaurants as well as upscale destinations. Also, the nostalgia and warmth brought about by neon signs give customers the feeling that your storefront or restaurant has been in operation for a long time.

Renovation and repair 

The same way all electrical systems and indeed all types of lighting require repair, it’s also true for neon lights. But this is a task best left to electrical contractors. Also, the repair work isn’t labor-intensive and is low-cost. For just a couple of hundred dollars, you can have your existing sign refurbished and be made to work perfectly fine for several years.

Older signs can also be maintained for a price that’s less than that of running a year’s ad in Yellow Pages. There are even instances where businesses choose to illuminate signs long after the company that was being advertised shut. 

There are plenty of neon signs throughout the currently that continue to work perfectly fine, several years after being installed. You can even find neon signs installed in the 1980s still working with just the original transformer.

Neon Signs and Social Media

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Thanks to its aesthetic appeal, neon signs appear more beautiful in photographs than in other signs. This means a lot especially in this generation of Instagrammers. We are an increasingly photogenic generation and how a company embraces this will give it an obvious competitive edge.

When your bar or restaurant has iconic items that are great when photographed, customers and other guests can share their experience across their social media channels with family and friends. This way, your customers are the first to market you on social media. This is where a neon image excels at. It can stand out from a sea of Instagram images and generate brand awareness to catapult you to the next level.


From Las Vegas to New York to other streets, it is apparent that neon signs are making a comeback. You can see newly-restored and new neon signs lighting up hotels, restaurants, and other businesses. People are starting to fall in love with neon signs once again. Unlike the past when they only lit the streets, neon signs are being used even indoors. From simple neon open signs to multi-colored adverts, the future of this technology looks as bright as ever. You would be full to let this opportunity to pass you. Gone are the times when people thought of neon signs as gaudy. These signs are known to evoke a special retro vibe, which is why many restaurants are embracing it. It has become a symbol of excitement, action, and nightlife

Get a Neon Sign for Your Business

Neon light artisans don’t treat your neon signs as ordinary signage. For them, it is more of an art than an advert. They create amazing signs that put your establishment out there with a beckoning sign. When designed creatively, a neon sign could easily become a landmark. Who wouldn’t want their business to be that?  Don’t be lea behind. Call us today and our sales representatives will talk with you about the best neon light options for your business.


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