Why Has Mobile Gaming Become So Popular?

Why Has Mobile Gaming Become So Popular?

Gaming globally is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing industries and specifically the mobile side of things, which report ably takes up more than 60% of the global gaming industries revenue. This is mainly due to the fact that smartphones are now becoming more and more powerful each day and are therefore able to access more complex games for users to be able to spend hours on. 

Just how big mobile gaming has grown, is best illustrated through the latest numbers saying that 69% of US consumers would rather give up social media apps or TV than lose their favorite mobile games. And here lies the great potential for advertisers.

Mobile games are now developing are a more than impressive rate, in fact the detail and complexity that goes into each game is beyond what anyone thought the mobile gaming industry could get too.  The mobile games have quickly become something of a staple on a smartphone due to their improved usability.

One of the biggest advantages to mobile gaming is the fact that you can play virtually anywhere in the world due to smartphones being so portable. You can play on the go, whilst travelling and a trend now is even to just play in the comfort of your own home because the games are becoming that good. Smartphones are now elegant, lightweight, portable and virtually in the pocket of everyone so the size of the market for mobile game creators to target is huge.

Due to mobile gaming being on such an exponential growth pattern, other online services are starting to benefit from this also such as online casinos with some at Max Casinos. They have ridden the wave of the online gaming trend and also put measures in place that they will benefit from consumers always having their smart phones on them so always able to jump on a roulette wheel. 

Another benefit to mobile gaming compared to other types of gaming such as consoles, is the fact that consumers are spending less time awaiting games to download and more time player. This is because games are a lot smaller on phones and also open a lot easier to open – another reason why the growth is so much. 

Finally, and probably one of the best reasons on why mobile gaming has been so popular is because of the casual fun it is meant to be. These games don’t require any accessories like headsets or controllers or gaming chairs etc. This allows for a cheap and effective way to get your gaming fix. 

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