Why You Need a Bike Rack for Your Garage

Why You Need a Bike Rack for Your Garage

Bike racks, or sometimes called bicycle carriers, are tools that can be attached to a vehicle. They are used to carry bikes. Having bike racks is essential when you need to carry your bikes around, especially when you travel to different places.

What is the Best Way to Store a Bike in the Garage?

Hang your bike on the ceiling.

If your garage has a higher ceiling than usual garages, it is better if you hang your bike from the ceiling so you could save on space. You can do that with the help of a ceiling-mounted bicycle hanging system. You may think that it’s costly, but it isn’t. Actually, you only have to shell out a few bucks to buy the basic hooks or tool hangers, which you need to screw into studs. 

On the other hand, if you opt for a more professional and neater look, you can buy elaborate systems. But you need to have a bigger budget because they can cost hundreds of dollars.

Hang your bike on the wall.

If you have kids or teens, this method of storing your bikes is ideal for you. That is because when you hang them on the wall, unlike on the ceiling which is certainly higher, your bikes are low enough for your kids to reach and get their own bicycles. Easy access, right?

You can buy different types of wall-mounted hooks from different hardware. Some wall-mounted hooks let bicycles hang horizontally, but there are also ones that use a vertical placement. What makes hanging your bikes on the wall even better is that wall-mounted bicycle storage systems also come with additional hooks and baskets, where helmets and other bike accessories can be neatly stored.

Just have your bike on the floor.

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If you as well as your smaller children have bikes, then this method of storing is the way to go. Why? Mainly because smaller kids won’t be able to carry and take their bikes off the wall. They’re too small for that! 

You can just buy floor-standing bicycle racks. You can also have customized bike racks made from PVC, which makes them light and easy to use.

Is it Safe to Hang a Bike by its Wheels?

Having your bike regularly maintained can help prolong its life. What’s more important is that a bike that functions properly will also certainly keep you safe. That is why you must take note of the small details, like how to properly store your bike, which will help you make sure that not only its life but also its traveling distance is prolonged.

A lot of biking enthusiasts believe that it’s safe to hang bicycles by their wheels. But then again, there are some who think that hanging bikes on one hook by only a wheel may possibly put excessive pressure on the rim, which would result in damage. 

As said by Jim Langley, author of Your Home Bicycle Workshop, “it’s best to hang a bicycle from two points of contact on the frame, and definitely not by the wheel.”

Where Should I Store My Bike at Home?

  • Hang it on the ceiling.
  • Hang it on the wall.
  • Place it on a bike dock.
  • Use a bike rack.
  • Hide it underneath your staircases.

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