Why You Need an Advanced Dentist

Why You Need an Advanced Dentist

When you have a toothache, the one person you look forward to seeing is a dentist. The pain is so bad that you’ll probably look for the nearest dental facility for fast relief. Although general dentists take care of most dental problems, it is crucial to know when you need Advanced Dental care. 

When your gums and surrounding tissues are giving you trouble

You need healthy gums to provide adequate support for your teeth. An advanced dentist will be able to identify if your dental problems originate from the gums and surrounding tissues. If you have bleeding, swollen or tender gums, it might be best to see an advanced dentist. Having loose teeth is also a symptom of a deeper problem that needs the expertise of an advanced dentist. 

When you need dental implants

Dental implants are not only important for replacing missing teeth, but they also help to strengthen and maintain bone structure. When done right, you get to chew comfortably and smile without worrying about your appearance. When you lose or more teeth, the remaining teeth are not as stable as they once were. An advanced dentist will know how to restore the support structure.

Correct dental and facial Irregularities

Unfortunately, teeth don’t always follow the expected growth pattern. Teeth that overlap will affect your ability to move your jaws comfortably. A regular dentist may not have the skills to correct such oral disorders, but an advanced dentist can. A visit to a specialist also means you get the right diagnosis and guidance on how to prevent and correct dental abnormalities.

Make your artificial teeth appear natural

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Many people have had to resort to artificial teeth because of various reasons, most beyond their control. If you have no option but to have dental implants, you need them to be as natural as possible. A specialist will ensure all your teeth appear the same. When you smile, no one will tell the natural teeth from the artificial.

Correct past dental procedures

Technology has advanced dental treatments, especially those that were once considered impossible. The methods used a decade ago may not be as popular today. If you have old, unsightly fillings and crowns that make you cautious every time you speak, maybe it is time to see an advanced dentist. You can still regain your confident, beautiful smile by correcting past procedures using current technological advancements.

Early identification of dental problems in infants

Some people assume that dental care for baby teeth is not important since they are temporary. However, these teeth provide a pathway for the growth of permanent teeth. Oral infections that go untreated for a long time can affect the viability of the gums which need to be in great shape to provide support for permanent teeth.

Taking your child to an advanced dentist will ensure all the bases are covered, and any potential dental problems are treated early. You can also get a guide on how to help your child retain healthy teeth.

General dentists can solve several dental problems, but sometimes you need specialized care. Advanced dentists are not just concerned about treating your current dental challenges, but get to the root cause so that you get a permanent solution.

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