Why you should buy a Floating Charm Locket for your next gift?

Why you should buy a Floating Charm Locket for your next gift?

Floating charm lockets are fun and attractive gifts that are an excellent idea for anyone in your life. The unique design allows you to get creative and build the perfect present for any event. With a huge selection of floating lockets, charms, plates, and crystals, you can create hundreds of personalized lockets and never make a duplicate Floating Locket Charm.

Floating Charm Lockets are durable

You can design charm lockets at Cavici.com. It offers over a dozen medium (25 mm) and large (30 mm) floating lockets constructed from quality materials, including alloy and stainless steel. Both materials offer durability and are rust-resistant. Stainless steel is commonly used to make bracelets, watches, earrings, and other types of jewelry.  

Floating Charm Lockets come in three styles so you can mix and match bracelets, dangles, and necklaces with different charms. For example, create a theme for a new mother with birthstone crystals with girls or boys footprint charms for a necklace, bracelet, and keychain

Wait—You’re not done. Choose from different finishes, such as black, gold, rose gold, silver, and gunmetal, and consider picking a locket-lined with crystals. 

More than a dozen themes

The plates are made with a clear, durable and safe glass that holds the tiny charms. To give the appearance of floating, there’s a thin disc between the plates that hold the charms and crystals in place. Plates come in a variety of themes, from single words and phrases at the top, such as dream, inspire, mom, and blessed, to text with symbols and fancy plates with gems and patterns. 

Additionally, consider using a fancy plate and a small image inside in place of lockets or add crystals with the picture.

Choose from hundreds of charms 

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Deciding which charms to use in your locket may be difficult. Cavici.com offers more than 500 to choose from and they come in over a dozen themes, colors, and finishes, many of which match the plates to make it easier for you to coordinate each Floating Charm Locket you design. Examples include,

  • Create a Christmas theme with a star-topped tree, stocking, bells, wreath, and red and green wrapped presents
  • Make a gift for your a new high school graduate that has a pencil, globe, sports ball, and stack of books
  • Build a locket for loved ones with cancer using a floating awareness ribbon
  • Give the key to your heart in a locket to your significant other
  • Create a faith-based locket with gold or silver crosses, praying hands, angels, or a bible

Adding birthstones and other crystals 

You can also add a variety of crystals that come in dozens of colors. Match your birthstone with favorite activities or add clear stones to any underwater theme to appear like bubbles. Additionally, fill the top half of the locket with yellow crystals and add a moon charm.

Accessorize your Floating Charm Lockets 

Yes, you can still add more to the design with a variety of chains to hold the locket, and dangles, that add flare to it. Dangles come in over a dozen colors to help you match each piece of jewelry. Different items you can click to the locket include, 

  • Hearts
  • Angel wings
  • Keys
  • Trees
  • Animals
  • Starfish
  • Horseshoes
  • Insects
  • Pearls

Combine lockets with Memorial and Cremation Jewelry

Memorial and cremation jewelry is a way to remember loved ones. These are designed to hold a pinch of their ashes, so you can keep them close to your heart. Floating charm lockets are the right size to place on a necklace with the cremation pendant. Choose the right combination of charms and crystals to memorize your loved ones. For example, add a set of golf clubs for dad, and police, fire, and rescue emblems for first responders lost in the line of duty.   

Floating Charm Lockets are easy to assemble 

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These don’t ship pre-assembled. However, half the fun is opening the packages and “crafting” the necklace, bracelet, or key chain yourself to really personalize the experience for you and the recipient. You’re able to open the locket, add the charms and gems, close them, and re-open to change the variety or include new items. Additionally, if the person receiving your gift want to make changes, they can purchase more charms and gems, or buy a different locket, it’s easy to disassemble and reassemble. 

Floating Charm Lockets are the ultimate gift for friends, family, coworkers, and of course, yourself. They’re fun to create, look great, and you can fill them with memories. 

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