Your Guide for NFL Expert Picks

Your Guide for NFL Expert Picks

The National Football League (NFL) is an American Football League, which is also very entertaining and thrilling. It has 32 football teams, divided equally between the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. These teams compete against one-another in the 17 week season, held in September to late-December, with 16 games per week. It is a representation of one of the highest levels of football skill in the world, making betting on the result of the matches in the NFL popular among the sports enthusiasts.

An NFL Expert Pick is basically a compilation of players who are anticipated to perform well and hence, it is considered relatively safer to bet on them in the NFL matches. NFL Expert Picks provide predictions of the result of the match and the performance of particular football players, from the experts. These experts are seasoned observers of the game, who are able to analyze it, without ignoring the details of every game. They give top suggestions for people engaged in betting about where to put their money. 

Ways To Bet

  • Point Spread: A point spread is the number of points with which the favored team has to defeat the other team. In case the favored team loses or wins by a point difference that is less than the point spread, the bet is lost. This, however, does not have a bearing on the actual game. 
  • Total: A total is the threshold number of points over or under which the favored team has to score to bring a victory to one group of betters. The betters on the ‘over’ win if the team secures more than the threshold number of points. The betters on the ‘under’ win if the team secures less than the threshold number of points.
  • Money Line Wager: A money line wager is the simplest and quite common type of betting. In this form, the bettor is only concerned with the win or loss of the favored team. 
  • Parlay Betting: Parlay Betting is when two or more of bets are combined and then betted on. To have a win in this kind of betting, requires all the bets to be in your favor.
  • Teaser: In this form of betting the bettor is allowed to bet on the outcomes of 2 or more teams. It differs from parlay betting in that the bettors are allowed to adjust the point spreads by 6 points in these matches.
  • Prop Bets: Prop bets are bets on a wide range of things related to or occurring within the match, but do not have much of a bearing on the final outcome of the match. For example, a bet on who wins the pre-match coin toss. It is highly risky and can almost never be accurately predicted. 

The NFL Expert Picks enable you to shift through all the bets available and bet on the less risky options, where the odds are at a reasonable safe level to ensure a good chance that you might actually win the bet.

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