5 Steps To Repair Your Air Conditioner

5 Steps To Repair Your Air Conditioner

When you are having issues with your air conditioner, you can take a few steps to solve the problem by yourself. You are likely not a certified HVAC technician, but there are a few things you can do on your own. If these steps do not work, you should call a licensed HVAC technician to help you. However, you will surprise yourself when you can complete repairs to your air conditioning that would have been very expensive if a repairman did the job for you.

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1. Check The Front Panel For Any Flashing Lights Or Signals

You should check your front panel for any flashing lights or signals that the unit produces. The user manual for your HVAC unit tells you what flashing lights mean. These flashing lights often tell you if the device is not power, if something is not working, or if you should reset the unit. 

When you check the front panel, you can take steps to repair the AC unit using the information the device gives you. If the device does not give you any information, you can go through these steps to repair the device on your own. In many cases, these devices can be repaired using these basic steps. If you have further queries you may get a consultation on Cool Aid Air Conditioning Service.

2. Turn Off The Circuit Breaker

You should not try to disconnect power directly when you are repairing your HVAC unit. You can turn the circuit breaker off, count to ten, and turn it back on. You are resetting the motherboard of the device that you are not certified to touch, and the device might return to normal. 

When you turn off the circuit breaker, you should make sure that the switch turns off all the way. You may also leave the circuit breaker off if you plan to do any other repairs on this list. If your circuit breaker does not shut off properly, the breaker must be replaced. You can call an electrician for assistance, and they can replace the breaker quickly. You need a circuit breaker that allows you to shut off these devices in the event of an emergency, and you can easily reset your AC unit by turning off the breaker. 

If you do not know what all your circuit breakers do, you should take some time over a weekend to check the function of each circuit breaker.

3. Check The Outdoor Blowers

The outdoor blowers have a cage that covers the fan blades. You should leave the circuit breaker in the off position, and you can unscrew the cage from the mounts. You can remove the cage to check for debris, and you can remove all the debris quickly. You can check the blades inside the unit, and you should replace any blade that is damaged. These blades are held on by a simple bolt, and you can order a new blade online.

You can see the coils inside the blower casing, and you should check for leaks. If the coils are leaking, you should contact an expert to repair or replace your coils. If there does not appear to be any coolant in the coils, you should contact a repair technician who can recharge your coolant.

If the coils are dirty, you should clean them off. The air cannot stay cold if the refrigerant is blocked by dust and dirt that has built up on the coils. Plus, the coils will begin to break down if foreign matter is allowed to eat away at the coil for long periods of time.

4. Check The Air Filters

Air filters can get clogged easily if they are not changed regularly. You can remove and replace your air filters at any time, and they will allow for better airflow in the vents. You might want to get a better quality air filter if you think your filters are clogging too quickly, and you should check the space near the fan as it might be clogged with animal fur or another debris that you were not aware of.

You should try to replace the filters every three months, and you must make certain that your filters fit properly. In some cases, homeowners use the wrong filters, and they do not get the airflow they want. This could cause the air to flow slowly, feel hot when it comes through the vent, or even damage the fan. 

5. Check The Thermostat

You may have a problem with your thermostat instead of your air conditioning. Go to the thermostat, turn down the air, and make sure that the unit turns on properly. If something is not working, you should replace the batteries in the thermostat. If that does not work, you may need to replace the thermostat itself. 

When you hire a repair technician, they will check the thermostat as soon as they arrive. You know how old your thermostat is, and an older unit can impact the performance of your air conditioner. A new thermostat will allow you to run a program that puts less stress on the AC unit, and you will save money because you are not running your AC unit as much as you would. The program can shut the device on and off at the appropriate times, and you can even use home automation to check the status of the system.


When you want to repair your own AC unit, you can use these tips to bring the unit back to life quickly. You should always turn off the circuit breaker if you are checking the outdoor fans, and you must replace your air filters every three months. You can check the front panel for any flashing signals, and you can check the coils to ensure they are not damaged. If you encounter any issue that is too difficult to repair, you should contact an expert repair technician who can bring your AC back to life. However, you can solve many small problems with your AC unit on your own, including replacing the outdoor blades and clearing debris.


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